Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

24th December 2012 - Christmas Eve

     My mother, sister and I went to Tambunan Town to buy some groceries and those green stuffs (vegetables) for Tomorrow (25th) and Family Day(28th). My mother was searching for blue shirt for Family Day's.. Yup. Our Party theme was blue. It took about an hour to find a blue shirt for my mom.

     Went back home-village, Uncle Daniel's family were here! He brought a huge speaker. Super bass and super loud! It's too loud that I can't take it anymore. From afternoon until evening, loud song.. Makes me deaf. hahaha. Well, I don't care about it. Those speakers were for the Family Day Celebrations this Friday. Aunt Ebirina (I called her Aunt Elly) arrived and started decorating the house with the lights and all those Christmasy Stuff. 

     That night, We went to church for Christmas Eve's mass. Giving thanks to God. After the mass finished, we went to Anne's house for Christmas Eve's Open house. All those foods were very delicious, and the open house ended perfectly. Beside that, I send all Jessie J's new tracks to Anne via Bluetooth. 

This clock tickles me a lot! NOKNA

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  1. It's so much easier to read your posts on mobile phone! :-)

    Thanks for uploading photos of the annual Christmas eve dinner at cousin Anne's. I rang their house phone to wish Merry Christmas that night and I could feel the joy in the air! I'm glad you have enjoyed your Christmas. Happy new year to you, cousin Alex. All the best with your song writing, OK?