Friday, 21 December 2012

Leisure time with Dad

Today I'm gonna write about my leisure time, spend much time with dad, fishing. Fishing is my new hobby. Yesterday and today, the same place, the same activity, the same person ☺.

Yesterday, Daddy invited me to join him fishing at Tuaran. (I don't know the specific name of that place, but surely at Tuaran.) What I knew about that place is there's unpaved roads (gravel) and the place where lorry driver take sands.. The river is so clear, calm, deep (i guess), plenty of catfish, whitefish (ikan putih) and also the 'spoiler fish' for mosh fishermen, the puffer fish (ikan buntal).

The first specific destination (but the same place). We went fishing there, but dad failed to catch any fish, but two puffer fishes. Give up? not yet. We went to the next specific destination (but still the
same place), few hundred metres length. Guess what? I managed to catch a whitefish and followed by catfish. Unfortunately my dad got nothing. hmmm.... good try dad :)

The second day, which is today, I joined my dad to continued fishing at the same place again. Today is our luck, I guess. We caught three big fishes.. and three of them are catfish. Thanks to God :) amen.

The end.

Other related topic for today: 
Tomorrow, My mother, my sister and I will go back to our village at Patau Village, Tambunan. 
*Doakan family saya selamat selalu & sentiasa dilindungi Tuhan, amen.*


  1. wah,, bestkan bila ada yang kongsi hobi ngan kita,, tambah2 family sendiri.. tahniah jugak dapat ikan,, mesti rasa puas hati sesangat kan.. kih3.. nak ajak join segmen review blog. hehe,, harap kalau sudi join k,,:D

    1. wah. memang puas hati dapat ikan besar (y)... ok. I'll join the segment!

  2. Wah , saya first time memancing dapt ketam jakk ..