Thursday, 22 May 2014


Countdown Clock

Aishhh.. I'm so impatient to join World Red Cross Red Crescent Day Camp Sabah that will be held on Ranau this June 11. I, as a member of Malaysuan Red Crescent Tuaran Chapter, and all of our gang, will keep fighting for WRCD! :) All the best and good luck guys! I'm getting nervous as the countdown is less than a month~~

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I gave up -_-

For now, I really do hate advertisements.. Like what the heck? My blogs were associated with various advertisements but my earning didn't even increasing. Huh.. I gave up so early? Did you mean, I gave up on it since 2012? The same value? dushhh... *double-pissed-off*

  Huh, just forget about it, anyway, I'm doing it in good way. I'm putting up the ads on a right style; halal style; not break the rules.. Muehehehe.. So this week I'm probably a lil' busy doin' my final touch on my friend's Petrosains video.. Thus, with tomorrow's video recorded by the prefects.

  Oh yeah, I also send 2 of my melody drafts to my friend, Sofian a.k.a. DJ Star Sonata to help me making some instrumentals for my first mini album a.k.a. EP. So, just stay tuned guys. haha

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Finished fighting for SEMESTER 1

Omg.. It's just like I'm in a battlefield. War. Fighting for my Semester 1. (Baru sem 1 sudah bising... SPM hujung tahun nii. Haha) Like seriously we fight for 3 weeks. (SPM satu bulan -_____- ) Semester one for Former 5 is surely took a long time and had such a thick question papers for a single subjects.. All the essay was like I wrote a novel.. 1 essay, 3 full pages. Hahaha
  Additional mathematics, this! I just realized that actually it's not quite hard, just a tricky questions. The LOLest thing is, I can score better in paper 2 rather than in paper 1.. *paper 1 soalan pendek2 pun xdpt jawab. Kalau paper 2, nah ambil ko*
   History, was used to be the hardest subject ever but not when I reached form 4. 3 papers.. Yes, THREE. Paper one is objective, paper 2 is subjectives with long essays and paper three, bring as many book as you want during the exam. Kau rujuk la buku teks, buku rujukan, printed answers banyak mana kamu mau.. Even in SPM.
   Science electives.. Bio, chemistry, physics, like seriously.. Paper 3, tulis eksperimen ciptaan sendiri.. Lol.

  Today, our sem 1 exam finished but not for me, not officially yet. Tomorrow I'll have to fight for Music Subjects. Yes, I took Music subject for SPM. HAHAH

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Hello again, friends. Omg. It's been a long time since my latest entry during my birthday, eyy... Semenjak duamenjak ni, jarang btul sya update blog. Ish-ish-ish... Notice that my last entry was on last month. Bgitu jga dgn sblmnya, an entry for a single month. Pemalas btul update blog, facebook hari-hari pla. Ehe

  Like seriously in these two months, April and May, I was so exhausted with all the events, activities that were scheduled. This month is also our First Semester month for SPM candidates like me. SPM tu... Baru srmester 1, exam pun sampai 3 minggu. Ish3.. I also very busy with editing short movies a.k.a. 15-minute video for the Petrosains competition. But that one finished 80% before the exam.

  I also very busy editing and designing official website for Kinabalu FM. Yeah that one still in progress, around 95% still... Paused for a while during my examination. After that, I am super duper mega ultra busy involved myself on First Aid competition for the World Red Cross Red Crescent Day camp on Ranau this 11-14th of June. So tiring and exhausted. Made me busy during weekends and have no time for extra-rest and study for my exam. Omo.. I shoudn't get involved on this, but I want to participate this camp so bad. Peringkat negeri tuuu.. SPM pun mesti 90% keatas utk kokum!

  Exhausted. The only perfect word to describe me on this month. But good news is, I'm finally finished my EP lyrics.. The instrumentals are still on progresses, and I'll start recording this Kaamatan holiday!  Haha

  Few words for the conclusion, Hopefully I'll pass my exam with flying colours! And KOTOBIAN TADAU TAGAYO DO KAAMATAN! adios~