Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sick and Miss

*cough* *cough* *sneeze* *fever* urgh! I can't stand it.. I am I'll right now, so I didn't go to school. Pretty hate it because today I have additioal mathematic class.. I missed that subjects for more than 2 times.. and our mid semester 1 exam is just around the corner.. hmmm..

  Ohya. I also miss all the korean students especially my best buddy. Yap. This week they're at st. Joseph secondary school, Papar with new student buddies and host families. I really hope they didn't forget us.. :'( I still remember the first day we met at the school on Sunday. And farewell on last Wednesday. 4 of us (student buddies who managed to go to KDCA) cried and all of you chased us when its tike for us to leave. How sweet is that. Hmmmm. I'll go to the airport this Sunday for farewell.. they'll leaving us, they'll leaving Sabah :'(

To all korean students,cplease don't forget us. Please keep in touch with us no matter anywhere you are.. we were very sorry to all of you if we ever made you feel uncomfortable with us. Sorry :'(

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