Sunday, 29 December 2013

So long, Tambunan

It was quite sad for me to leave my hometown, Patau Village, Tambunan this morning. It was like the time ran so fast that I have little time to enjoy living there. This Christmas was so different for me, for good things probably. I think I've changed from being an antisocial guy who just sit there and shut my mouth not to communicate to others, but now, I've being socialized, more to be open in community especially with my relatives in my hometown. And I like that. I enjoyed for being socialized, communicating, interacting and fun.
  The first day we went to hometown, on Christmas eve, was the start of my social life. That evening, we went to the Chapel for the Christmas Eve's mass, followed by our family gathering dinner in my grandparent's house. Eventhough it was just a normal dinner, but I can feel the spirit of Christmas Day. Haha.
The next day, the big day, the Christian's day, The Christmas Day, my family and I went to Church on 8 o'clock in the morning for the Christmas mass. After that, we went to the first Christmas open house that is located few metres from the chapel, Uncle Maxwell's house (formerly Elity's home). I was intrigued to the fried noodles that were served. It was so yummy, very delicious 'till I ate the noodles like 3 times.
  The second house was also served the delicious cookies and drinks. The third house, was on Mr Arimput family's house. While my family and I enjoy the meals that served, then a gang of youth of St Anthony Chapel (my uncle, my cousin, my relatives and et cetera.) came and makan-makan the hidangan yang disediakan. Haha (Malay+English lol). After that Uncle Maxwell and Anne forced me to join them, so I stomp stomp I've arrived joined them (actually I love to join them for my first step for being social). Next, the neighbour house (my relative's house, also).. That time, they asked me to drink the reddish wine, heck no. Haha. Seriously no such things for me before SPM. And one thing, I kinda like the 'mi sup' that were served, yummyyy.. The fifth house, we went to Recchel (Girl)'s house. The last house for the youth gang. Haha (angkol bilang dia pening pening sudah sebab dia pigi minum tu wine haha). But that was not the last house for me, Girl, Olan etc. The Sixth house, Aunt Nor (formerly Auntie Upak)'s house.. I love the meals, especially the bubur. And the Seventh house, Ganak (I call her Erina)'s house in Katagayan. The best part on the last house, we're like, it was our house that we can hanging around, laugh out loud, cispak here, cispak there.. Haha.. I experience drinking the canned drink by using cispak style. Hard to explain. Anne and Girl were karaoke-ing. That time, I saw Villary, (Uncle Eto's son) so I speak with him in Mandarin. He said he didn't understand Chinese. LIAR hahaha.. Don't you fool me, you got A for Chinese language and you said you don't understand? Haha. It's okay. (Saya pun kalau becakap sama org lain, sya x biasa cakap cina).. That evening, it's hard for me to leave the last house. Huhu
  Moreover, on December 26, night, Aunt Bilin's family held a dinner for her daughter's birthday, Shirlynn Eve. Happy birthday cute lil' baby! Haha. The event started with prayer, dinner and ends up with RSS (rancangan suka suka).
  December 27,  I joined Anne's gang to see our older cousin, Big brother Jebb, in fiancée with her chosen girl from Maras Karas Village, Lucia. Soooo sweettt hehe. During the makan time, we have fun with our little cute nephew from Peninsular Malaysia, named Joey (picture below, he is sitting on a chair). Yeap. He speaks in KL accent, so we also speak in KL accent with him (ye lah, kitorang pun nak juge blajar cakap KL) haha.. That was the time I know Dero, Samud and his bro. After the majlis ends, I joined Ganak pusing satu Tambunan cari hotel. (Sebenarnya sya suka jalan jalan, so sya pun ikut la p sini situ hehe).
December 28, My aunt's Silver Jubilee of wedding anniversary. Mr Adrian Buvill and Linda Rosa Arimput. At 2o'clock in the evening, we went to chapel for the wedding anniversary mass. After that we went to the the resident's house for the dinner. At first I was quite sad because I've no friend to hangout with, that time. But actually I was too early, they came like 6pm in the evening, so I hangout with them 'till nearly 12am. No cispak for us that time. Haha. I enjoy being socialize with my relatives especially the one that I rarely talked-to. (Bercerita punya bercerita sampai larut malam) I speak mandarin with Uncle Maxwell whereas British English with Anne. Oh yeah, Uncle Maxwell and I also taught Anne some Chinese words. From time to time, one by one of them went home, leaving Uncle Max, Gary and I. (Teda kerja lain, bercerita ja la.. ) Dave joined us and four of us bercerita lagi.. No other things to do. (Nasib sya tidak kena paksa minum. Hahahaha lucky) The time is 11:somethin'somethin'.. My mum and my sister went home, at first I thought they have to bring me home, tapi yg mo tdur sudah, my mum bilang it's okay kalau kau lama-lama di bawah/siba, sbb dekat ja rumah.. Lol I shoud've hangout with Uncle Max, Gary and Dave for longer time.. Last day for 2013 juga kami sini Tambunan. So, by the time I wanted to go home, kami bersalam-salaman mengucap goodbye.. Eseh haha.. [TO UNCLE MAXWELL: I'll keep your words, I'll do my best and thank you very much for your support] tidak dilupakan juga I'll keep your words kepada yang wishes sya,thanks a lot :') .
December 29, which is today, sadly and hard for me to leave my hometown, we went back to KK ikut Uncle Stanley.. That's it :/
This Christmas was the best Christmas Day ever, it's like there's interesting events everyday.. From 24th of December until 28. And during that time, I learned and tried to be socialize, because life is too short for us for being antisocial. :) I will miss you all, my relatives. See you Next year, during Kaamatan... So long~
P/S: sya bercadang yang next year, habis ja SPM, sya terus pulang kampung by myself.. Enjoy di kampung for a month saaaampai tukar tahun. Dapat juga sya join kamu karoling, ikut event gereja, ikut event tukar tahun sama kamu.. I really hope. Amen :) (bulih baitu kan? Haha)

Jebb and Lucia in fiancée

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Accident Simulation

Hi guys, today I'm not gonna post about what I've done today, but I'll post about two days ago, last Thursday, November 28.
   This was the first time I get involved into Accident Simulation. It was way too awesome. It's like, making prank, but not. (If you know what I mean). The incident happened at Telipok road highway. Malaysian Red Crescent Tuaran Chapter and KK Branch, JPAM, BOMBA and Tuaran Hospital emergency casualty also get involved in this event.
   Before that, we went to Buildings of MRC Tuaran Chapter. Around 8 o'clock. Few of us MRC Tuaran and about 5 JPAM members act to be the accident victims. 6 of us were acting as critical (red tags), there were few yellow tags and green tags and there's only one people get the white tag, which was acting to be a 'dead' victims, and the white-taggers was ME. Hahaha yeap. It's pretty hard to act dead, especialky to hold the breath. Seriously. Hahaha..
   After that, we're messed up with this starch to make an artificial-injuries. Well me, I was maked up with White make-up so that I look like a 'dead' victim at the scene..
   It's 2 PM!! We were ready to take off and start our act. We went to the Telipok road and started to act like accident happened. Guess what we're knocked down with? A Petronas-petrol-lorry. Hahaha.. A few minutes before the scene start, Mr Ng Siew Ching put this  bloody-like-reddish-liquid to us.. Poor Brian, Mr Ng splashes him with all of the liquid.. Ewww hahaha.. The road started to jam..
  And we're started to act.. I, as a 'dead' van driver person just close my eyes and don't make any move... Then, the Bomba arrived and send us to Tuaran Hospital via ambulance.. I was like flying because I was transferred from the incident place to the hospital without a single energy... Unfortunately, they're considered me as a critical victims and not a 'dead' person. That's worse for me, hahaha..
   In the hospital, I was 'treated' by the nurses and doctors and the medical assistances. Not just me alone, but also the others.. I remembered the part where thw nurses took my pants off and open my shirt.. It's like, I'm on boxer, ayy.. Hahaha *embarrased*
and I opened my eyes and started to give a big hand, a cheers, so do the others. Hehe.. Congrats for the Simulation-ers and co-operation and commitments given.. :-) 
   After that, we went to the new building of Tuaran hospital which is big, like HQE. (Sesat ni time siar-siar sana dalam haha).. Eventhough it's not completely finished, but I guess it is on 70% finish and I can't wait to go practical at the new building soon :-) . We went to the meeting room for our lunch and postmortem for the event... Haaahh.. I'm full.
Before we went home, Abang Kevin bought us and treat us to have dinner at MJ restaurant.. I am completely full by just drinking the apple juice. Haha...
When I'm home, homies laughed at me, said about the 5inches white make-up like a girl. Hahaha... Well nevermind :-)
Okay. That's it. Finish.. Thnks for reading! Feel free ook at the pictures that follows and do comments :-)
P/S: waiting for the entire pictures to be uploaded on facebook :-)

Friday, 15 November 2013

Hello Hometown!

Hey fellas, Irvinizers, Irvinators, Irvinatics and Irvinisms.. *lol* I want to wish all of you guys and gals happy Friday and happy holidays. This morning, my mother and I went back to our hometown which is Patau Village Tambunan. Too bad my sister and my father didn't joined us to go back to our mother's hometown.
  To be honest, I kinda dislike during along our long journey from Tuaran to Tambunan. I have this feelings like long-journey-through-hills-sick. I felt *loya* along our way back to hometown.. I want to vomit, not feeling well, sick *mabuk*.
   About 12:35pm in the afternoon, We finally arrived at Tambunan Town, we went to Aunt Elly's saloon to stop-by. Then we  went to the nearby restaurant (Sin Fook Hing Restaurant) to have our lunch. I was amazed by the menu served there.. They also serve  Tuaran Noodle which is made in Tuaran, my home-area. Tuaran Noodle is one of my favourite meal, for your information.
   After the tummy-full, walking around Tambunan town, we finally went back to my aunty's saloon and I took a nap. Soon, Uncle Erwin arrived along with Aunt Elly and took us went back to my grandparent's house. Thanks to the 'Kampung Tanpa Wayar', I can get connected with friends and disable my Mobile data (saves my quota)..
   That night, I went to Aunt Nor's house to lend a helping hands for their marriage preparation. Majority of them were busy preparing for the bride's and groom's marriage. But me, facing my Note 8" and blogging what happened today. *now* okay... Kinda awkward. :-) I felt awkward until cousin Anne comes in and hanging around with me. Talking...
  Hmmm. *dont know what to blog more* so, till then, my bestfriends, friends, new bestfriends, and my fellow reader. Goodnight :-) *Thanks God It's Friday*

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Confirmation Day

(NOVEMBER 10, 2013)
Hello readers, sunday-schoolmate,  friends, new bestfriends, awesomefriends and you. :-)  Today is the history  of my life.. It is my confirmation day! I feel extremely happy for my confirmation yet very sad because this is the last day I went to sunday school. Hmmmm.. *sad*
  Like I said just now, sundayschool has ended for me.. I still remember the first time I went to sunday school. I  guess around year 4 or year 5.. Back then I was kind of not-like-going to sunday school.. But now, all I can say is I wish I will turn back time and enjoy sunday school... :(
  I've been study on Sunday school for 6 years. The remaining 4 years (year 1 until year 4) I did not went.. I guess I was too young that moment. But now, I miss to learn about Catholic in sunday school, seriously.
  This year of sunday school. I learned many things especially about the Holy Spirit and Confirmation.. Apart from that, I am getting know and get new friends.. PJ, nicole, Dafnee, Abner, Felice, Henneritta, Noel, Avon, Finenna, Racheal, Marlina, Roland, Agustus, Sidney, Danny, Maria, Vincent, Alvene, Joshua, Tennycia  and maaaaaaaaaaany more.. *fuh*
  I will say I am too dumb not to make new friends and interact with all of them, because I am too anti-social. But luckily these few last week, I am getting out of myself and feeling free to make new friends, such as Dafnee, Nicole, Abner, Avon, Alvene, Roland, Alanis and few more.. *sigh* Thanks to my friends to make me came out of myself.
  8th November, I was nervous that time.. Interview whether I will get confirmation this year or not.. Before I went to interview, I started to have a talk with my new friends, Nicole, Abner and many more. After that, I took Reconciliation Sacrament. After that the interview. Pheww... Luckily the question was not that hard.. And I get 62% in my Confirmation exam. Then, I joined Christy's friends to hangout at Pizza Hut Tuaran. Yummy and tummy-full that time. *haaa* The next day, I joined the 'Rekoleksi' and 'Bengkel' and 'Raptai'.. I remember the questions given by the priest, Father Nick during the 'Bengkel' in church.. The question is ' Why are some people did not go to church after received Confirmation? Give 10 answers' wewww.. Hehe..
  Last but not least, I am finally received confirmation from Archbishop John Wong. I was quite nervous that time, hehe.. I can feel that the Holy Spirit came down to me. :-)  My Confirmation/ Christian name is still, Alexander, adapted from St. Alexander. My Godfather is Uncle Dominic Khamis. I remember the Archbishop said my name 'Alexandra'.. Hopefully it doesnt matter.. *jgn seja guardian angel sy Alexandra :-) *
  Lastly, I just want to say that:
(1) hope our friendship will never ends especially my old and new friends,
(2) November 10 is the history of my life,
(3) hope we will always be active and  take part of church activities,
(4) never forget church,
(5) never forget our friendship,
(6) never forget our lessons during sunday school.
Well, guys and girls, thats all I can jot down here today. Please accept my apology of this long paragraph.. :-)  *Bersatu dalam Kristus*

Thursday, 12 September 2013

SMK Tamparuli won the Petrosains Show Competition 2013 (Sabah)

  I was very happy because my friends, Marlina and Stefenny won the competition held on JKKN yesterday.. They beated the other 8 teams from various school such as SMK Tandek Kota Marudu, SMK Chung Hwa Tenom, SM Saint John Tuaran, La' Salle, even the participants from Sandakan and Ranau! yeap. Those events were edutainment plus I learned many things in science such as Bernoulli Principle, 'Jirim Oh Jirim', Heat, et cetera. I love the way their entertained us with their jokes along with their teaching skills on making experiments..

  Marlina and Stefenny performed it very well. Despite the 15 minutes is too short for them, but their explanation on their experiments were very simple and complete. The judges liked their performance as well as the short movie that I made. The first candidate who uses videos as their slide for explanation. I'm very proud of it. :)

  Meanwhile the other groups also performed very well on their experiments.. I still remember the first group from SMK Chung Hwa Tenom.. It's about.... hmm.... HEAT.. I like the way their perform.. The boy acting to be William Shakespeare and the other boy being Einstein, the scientist. You know, the 'William Shakespeare' guy speaks English very fine, like he's a pure British. "Science ayy" and "Is science a food?" were one of his dialogue, speaks finest English with his British accents. yes. I'm jealous of that. haha

  The other participants, hmmm. oh. the other participants did their experiments very good! The Saintis Comot dan Saintis Bersih performed by the SM ST JOHN TUARAN candidate were cool. I guess the 'saintis comot' guy were from the peninsular Malaysia because he speaks like that. While the 'Saintis Bersih' guy is like Ave Vian's face! Sort of his twin! hehe. Then, another participants from 'I forgot where're they from' performing the 'argh I forgot their title' makes me wanna laugh with all their jokes and funny-action. I guess one of the guy's name is Xeno or Zeno.. Next, the other participants from SMK Tandek Kota Marudu. I remember their name, Lakir Gunsalam and Emelynda Christy (If I am not wrong). They perform the pressure, (If I am not wrong again) yeap. very simple and easy for us to understand. G-double O-D JOB guys! After that, one out of 8 groups (The girls) performed very funny and entertained us together with their experiments. 'daya apung' I guess, but in English.. hahaha.... Next, duo cutie candidates from Ranau or Sandakan, I forgot. They were calm!... There are many more candidates such as a group the acting as a mom and daughter, et cetera.

  After the Science Show finished, and its time for them to know who is the winner for this year and goes to final/semifinal (idk) in KL. I can't believe that Marlina and Stefenny from SMK Tamparuli won this competition! We, from SMK Tamparuli jumped and applause and shout happily for that victory. Teacher Ernest also smile like he's the happiest man in the world (hehe) and thanked me. Well, it's not all because of me, It's all because of their performance and the God's will. The second place goes to the Lakir's group from SMK Tandek Kota Marudu. Congrats bro and sis..  and the third place goes to the 'Jirim oh Jirim' performer, the ' Setana's ' group.. Cangrats to you girls too!

  Oh ya. Did we mention that the students from MRSM were very sporting and supporting us? I love them and we keep supporting them. Although they don't participate this program, they showed their 'kerjasama' on supporting us and take part of every little eventsand shows their support. They also congrats us and enjoy for every events held. again, I love MRSM. <3 hehe. After that, 2 'wartawan' 'temuramah' them for today's news in Berita Harian. okay.. Teacher Ernest was very happy until he treat us to go to KFC to have lunch! yummy!

  Okay guys and gals, dudes and babes, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, that's all what I jot down today.. Have a nice day everyone!


Thursday, 25 July 2013

I'm Back!!

Hi readers, stalkers, 'fans', and everyone who read this right now. I know it's been forever since last 3 months I didn't updated my blog.. ohya. And Teacher Hilda and Teacher Norma, I'm glad you are reading this right now.. :)
  Well, there were hundreds of memories treasured during last three months that I've treasured that I've jot it all down here..
  Okay. Now, I am packing my stuff to go to Malaysian Red Crescent camp tomorrow. This camp is not an ordinary camp, the 'Kem lencana kecekapan' is a camp to achieve three badges... lencana Undang Undang Kemanusiaan Antarabangsa, Lencana Pertolongan Cemas and Lencana pendidikan Kesihatan. Yeap. Can't wait to grab this three out of six badges.. This camp will be held on the school.. All facilitators are form 6..
"Hopefully they don't torture us during this camp like the kem asas"
Ohya. About this cover picture down here. It is for my next single picture cover, entitled 16. Yup. I wrote this lyrics about a week before my birthday (teacher norma and I born in the same date but not the year)
The instrumentals was made by my friend, Jayrin.
That's all for today, I'll keep posting next time.. byebyeeee

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Awesome Sixteen!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to youuuu Irvin... happy birthday to youuuuuu~~

kinda awkward when they sing a birthday song to you but you have no idea where to see. hahaha

Yesterday (April 2nd) was one of the most unforgettable moments in my life. Obviously its because yesterday was my belated birthday. Hopefully this year gonna be the best year for me. a week before my birthday, I have told you guys that I'm gonna create, sing and publish my new song before my birthday, right? I have kept my words. I fulfilled it, and it was published on my soundcloud at . This song is unique for me. It is a Capella version and this song is entitled '16'. yes, Its about me, this year, sixteen years old.

   Yesterday morning, my extraordinary awesome classmates sang birthday song to me twice. The first time is during Physic class, and another is during Malay language class.. Thanks friends! You're awesome!

   That evening, my parents bought a fruit cake and Kentucky Fried Chicken a.k.a KFC! hahaha.. well, we waited for my sister to come back home from schools so that we can celebrate my birthday together. Well, this year, only 4 of us (my family) celebrate my birthday, no other people. but idc! :D but the most important is family number 1! :)
My birthday fruit cake. yummy!

with mom

the one and only ME!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Another Wonderful MRC Camp

Hey fellas, hmmmm -_________- today I am very bored, sad and miss all of my juniors. Yes, juniors from various primary schools.

  from 26-28 March, Kimberly, Wong Siew Kien, MRC Tuaran Branch Members and I went to SK TOPOKON for a Malaysian Red Crescent primary school Camp (Kem Perdana BSMM Siri 1, tahun 2013, peringkat Daerah, Sekolah Rendah) as facilitators, V.A.D and MC. oh yeah, I lead group 2, I named that group as 'Wira Penyelamat'.

I lead group 2

  I am very sorry I don't remember all my kids (members of group 2) name.. I only remember Hazif, Musa Khan, Esther and Mashitah.. While Saiful, Ahmad and Afif from the other groups. I miss all of them badly because its like they're my kids, my little brothers and sisters. Everyday they said to me: "selamat pagi bang" and "hai bang" and so on.. I miss them called me ABANG ALEXANDER and CIKGU. Cikgu? hahahha... although I am still in form 4 but I love being called Cikgu, and Abang also, because nobody are calling me Abang, they're just called my name, my REAL name (except my kids).
  The happiest moments with them? well, They seems very fun while they were jungle trekking although I yelled them IN THE JUNGLE. Then, the last station (larian berhalangan) all of them swam across the mud! hahaha.. I LIKE it.
  How about my kids? well, all of them seems very sporting. HIGHLIGHT:
•Hazif Carlven:  sporting guy, loves to talk with me.
•Esther: she is the group leader
•Musa Khan: HAHAHAHA. well, he is my little dude, he is very naughty, loves to say "I need water" with his annoying voice to me. (satu kepala sama si Chrisdee, a guy in group 1).
•Mashitah: She doesn't now the song Gunung Kinabalu and don't know how to dance the sumazau dance, She tried and does it SUCCESSFULLY, great job!

Its pretty sad for me to leave all of them, although we don't achieve any numbers, but they're still the winner for me. (:
Oh yeah, on 27th of March, Its Afif's birthday! Happy blessed 11th birthday to you young man! I lend you my awesome cap! hahaha (:

Monday, 18 March 2013

MRC (BSMM) Membership Camp Memories

hey there. Obviously I don't go to school today.. I felt very tired and sleeeeeeeeepy. oh yeah, I miss all the BSMM camp participants. They're good, kind, but sometimes can be annoying. HAHA. As a facilitator, I must yell, scold and get angry with them, but I felt sorry to them... SORRY MRC PARTICIPANTS, PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY..
   I have so much fun with all of them although I have to be firm. 3 days 2 night are not enough for me to have fun with them.. The camp started on 15th March until 17th March (yesterday). The last day of camp, I cried because I made a mistake, always shout and yell to them. I am wrong. But as a facilitator, we had to be firm so the participants will disciplined themselves.
to view more photos of MRC Membership CAMP, kindly click on this LINK

I hope all members of MRC will stay as members of MRC forever.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Refleksi Program KDCA-ISCEP

Pada 3 – 10 Februari yang lalu, saya dan sembilan rakan yang lain telah menjadi student buddy kepada sepuluh orang pelajar Korea dari tiga universiti yang berlainan. Saya telah diamanahkan oleh Cikgu Joan untuk menjadi student buddy kepada salah seorang pelajar Korea, iaitu Yun Yeong Jo atau lebih dikenali sebagai Colin.
   Kami meluangkan masa bersama, kami sering bertanya tentang sukatan pelajaran, tempat-tempat yang menarik, bahasa  serta keagamaan.  Saya mengajar beliau bahasa Malaysia, begitu juga dengan Colin yang mengajar saya serba sedikit bahasa Korea.
   Pada sesi kelas Samulnori pula, saya sering membantu beliau mengangkat alat perkusi yang dipanggil ‘buk’. Pada 7 haribulan Februari, kami pergi ke Kampung Damat untuk memperkenalkan tradisi masyarakat di Sabah. Walaupun beliau kurang meminati makanan di sini, akan tetapi beliau dapat menghabiskan tiga gelas bahar dan dapat bersama-sama menarikan tarian sumazau.
   Pada hari Sabtu pula, iaitu pada 9 haribulan Februari, kami bersama-sama melawati ke salah satu tempat yang menarik di Tamparuli, iaitu di Rumah Terbalik. Kami meluangkan masa bersama dengan bergambar bersama-sama dan bercerita.
   Ketika kami melawat pelajar-pelajar Korea di KDCA pada 11-13 Februari, hubungan persahabatan kami semakin erat bagaikan adik-beradik. Pada waktu lapang, saya membawa Colin dan beberapa student buddies dan pelajar Korea yang lain untuk berjalan-jalan, bercerita di Kafeteria, melawati zoo dan pergi ke pantai. Pada waktu kelas Samulnori pula, saya belajar alat muzik Kwaenggari dari Kyung Min Lim dan Kim Min Bum.
   Semasa di pantai, saya dan student buddies yang lain meluangkan masa bersama-sama pelajar Korea. Kami dapat bergambar bersama, merayakan hari jadi seorang pelajar dari SMK Narinang, belajar berarak/ berbarisan Samulnori dan seumpamanya. Begitu juga ketika kami melawati zoo.
   Kami mengalami perpisahan dengan pelajar-pelajar Korea sebanyak dua kali. Perpisahan yang pertama berlaku pada 13 Februari, dimana pelajar-pelajar Korea menghantar kami masuk ke dalam kereta. Kami semua berpelukan, bersalaman dan mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada pelajar-pelajar Korea. Perpisahan yang Kedua ialah ketika kami pergi ke lapangan terbang pada 24 Februari yang lalu. Pada waktu itulah kali yang terakhir kami akan berjumpa dengan mereka.
   Pada pendapat saya, pengalaman saya bersama pelajar-pelajar korea merupakan salah satu pengalaman yang paling manis dan tidak dapat dilupakan. Semoga semua pelajar Korea tidak akan lupakan kami, student buddies dari SMK Tamparuli. Kami juga tidak akan pernah lupa akan pelajar-pelajar Korea.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Last Day We Met

   Today is the saddest day for me. Its hard for me to let them go, yes, all the Korean students left us this afternoon. We cried, but not as hard as last Wednesday. They left us, they left Sabah...
   Today, Bejay, Abo, Awin, Asherra, Mayleena, Tennycia, Mimi, Melinda and I went to the airport. Yes, only 9 of us on went to the airport on behalf of SMK Tamparuli. It seems like we went to the airport a little bit late.. We arrived there around 10 or 11am.. We can't belive that  they still there.. So, we went in and hug all of them (but sadly I didn't hug all of them like last Wednesday). Then, we celebrated Adam & Tennycia's birthday.

happy birthday Tennycia and Adam

Awin finally met Jumi (her best buddy)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Do The Harlem Shake!

Hi fellow readers. Today I wanna share something interesting to you guys out there.. Well, obviously you had read the title above. Yeah. Harlem Shake, in a process to trending worldwide.. 
    As what you know before, the dance Gangnam Style was at the top chart and the most famous song/dance worldwide and "Gangnam Style" had supplanted Justin Bieber's "Baby" as the most-viewed clip on Youtube that Gangnam Style have reached more than a billion views.. But I guess for the year 2013, Gangnam Style was slightly.... erm.... well you know what I mean.  
    For now, I'm not that clearly know about Harlem Shake. Yesterday I was searching Harlem Shake on Youtube, I don't know which Harlem shake is the original Harlem Shake. What I found was Harlem Shake is in a process to trending worldwide, starting from America and the video below is Harlem Shake on News.. enjoy.

Dont know what is Harlem Shake? Actually its just a random dance. Firstly, harlem shake was danced by only a person, and other people were just like doin' their own work. But on a specific point of a song were played, all of the people randomly danced like a boss.

P/S: gosh I'm addicted to dance this Harlem Shake moves!. hahahhaha

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I can't take it!!!

Cough, flu, fever... and today, ASTHMA. Huh. I just can't take it anymore.  Did you know? I went to school this morning but I forgot to bring my asthalin (asthma inhaler).. How terrible was that. I kept sneezing and cough and it disturbs me. Its like I infect some of my classmate. huh.. sorry guys :( my bad.

Maybe tomorrow I'll just have to take a rest..

Ya Tuhan, sembuhkanlah saya dan jauhilah kami sekeluarga daripaa sebrang penyakit dan berkatilah kami sekeluarga. Amen

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sick and Miss

*cough* *cough* *sneeze* *fever* urgh! I can't stand it.. I am I'll right now, so I didn't go to school. Pretty hate it because today I have additioal mathematic class.. I missed that subjects for more than 2 times.. and our mid semester 1 exam is just around the corner.. hmmm..

  Ohya. I also miss all the korean students especially my best buddy. Yap. This week they're at st. Joseph secondary school, Papar with new student buddies and host families. I really hope they didn't forget us.. :'( I still remember the first day we met at the school on Sunday. And farewell on last Wednesday. 4 of us (student buddies who managed to go to KDCA) cried and all of you chased us when its tike for us to leave. How sweet is that. Hmmmm. I'll go to the airport this Sunday for farewell.. they'll leaving us, they'll leaving Sabah :'(

To all korean students,cplease don't forget us. Please keep in touch with us no matter anywhere you are.. we were very sorry to all of you if we ever made you feel uncomfortable with us. Sorry :'(

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Malaysia - Korea language and culture exchange program

Hi guys. its been long time I'm not blogging. Ok. back to the topic. OH yeah. I'm happy to hear this good news! but wait,

Disclaimer: I'm not korean fanatics okay. :) not even kpop. but, I just love Korean as well.

Good news.... *drum rolls* 10 korean students from different Universities in Korea. OMG. Proud of it. I'd never wished for this before. Its a huge change for me to make friends and communicate with foreigners. Oh ya. This afternoon, we (Student Buddies) were meeting at the anjung budi for the schedule and korean buddy for each of us.

Program Handbook
My korean buddy, Yeong Jo Yoon

  My Korean buddy is Yeong Jo Yoon, Samulnori event (Korean traditional music). I also got his phone number and his facebook account so that we could hang out and chat! Hopefully my engl

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. There are 3 activities that will teach by the Korean students, which is Samulnori, cookery and tae-kwondo. I'm the AJK so I can't participate any of the activity that will be held. 

any upcoming event, I will blog and share it with you guys, okay ? (:

Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Me on 2013

Took loads of photos last night. (about 12am)
New idea: Black background, greyscale + cinema effects.
Theme: The Black

Sunday, 13 January 2013

My First Song

    This song is based on my true history, about the old me and I'm gonna change the old me to a better me. I'm in a process to change myself to be a hardworking, nice person and be virile.
    I wrote the lyrics on 26th of December 2012, 10:16PM. I was really pleasured to sing my song, featuring my cousin, Anne Gloria. We sang this song on 28th of December (Kasmir Family's Party & Pemberkatan Perkahwinan grandpa Kasmir and grandma Ariah). I really love this song. Lyrics down there. :) Oh yeah. I'm gonna release this song soon!

Title: TRY
Singer: Alexander Irvin ft. Anne Gloria
Composer: Alexander Irvin and Anne Gloria
Instrumental: Uncle Erickson Kasmir.

I'm sitting here alone,
In the dark, dark night,
And I'm staring at myself,
What have I done.

I never thought that I,

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Make New Friends

Hello friends. let me tell you something. I continued my study on the same school at 4point2 Pure Science Stream Class.. Oh yeah. I'm gonna tell you something. I have this little obsessed to make friends with my new classmates. Yeah. I'd told you there are 5 new students in our class. So, I just want to make new Friends with all of them.
   But what annoys me is that I have this something pretty embarrassing me, that is I'm a shy person, doesn't talk and act much. YES, especially with my new classmates. So I decided to make them as my friends in another way. 
    Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you that I'm not the only one who loved to make new friends, but also one of my friend Kim. . Both of us decided to make plans on how to make friends with them. Advance much, huh?
    PLAN A... errr. I forgot what is it about... But we failed our PLAN A. We're pretty sad and dissapointed with that, but it doesn't mean we're give up.
    PLAN B... Try to interact and communicate with them when school is over. Guess what? PLAN B WAS SUCCESSFUL! but that doesn't mean our plans are over. We're still on our next plans..
    PLAN C. OK. We'll gonna do this next Monday. This plan is secrets because we don't want everyone know this... It's a surprise! OH YEAH. HOPEFULLY this plan will success!
    Actually there's more plans we're planned just now. But I will just keep it secrets. (:


Tiga Tahun Kita Bersama

I miss this moments a lot. My old class. Its been 3 years since form 1 to form 3 we
stay awesome. Do also visit . I created this blog.

Video uploaded by me on 11th January 2013.
Credit to the song: Proud Of You by Fiona Fung.

Friday, 11 January 2013

First Week of School Term

 Its Friday! Friday! gonna get down on FRIDAY!! Oh yeah. I pretty love my new class. Where the Elite students are! hahaha... but other classes are pretty AWESOME too!

   I'm chosen to study in the same school, SCIENCE STREAM yaww! what sciences? PURE SCIENCESyes, Biology, chemistry and physics. 4point2 Science Stream Class 2013. I just created a class blog. Take a look! CLICK HERE 

   I felt very sad because my super mega ultra hyper closest friend was in the 4point8 class. That class was pretty awesome too. They took sport science, economy but no science elective and literature elective. Walawehh! he's my best friend, Mohammad Ajirul.

   In an other hand,