Wednesday, 27 May 2015


(TODAY IS MAY 27, 2015. 7:12PM)

20th May

The day where it all started, I mean, we're going to KL.
In the morning, I got the opportunity to take part in helping / duty for Blood donation charity that were held by Malaysian Red Crescent Tuaran Chapter and in conjunction with Yu Huang Temple. It was held at Tamparuli town, starting from around 8a.m. til evening. But me, I only duty from 8a.m. til 11.30am so that I still have few more hours to buy something to go to KL soon. I reached home and started to pack things around 12pm. Yep, I'm a procrastinator. Doing things at the eleventh hour, even on packing my stuffs.
Around 2pm, I went to BSMM Tuaran office by walk and waited there for abang Aidi to fetch Louissa and I to the Majlis Arena Belia.
  After we arrived in KK, at Arena Belia, we found and met hundreds of people from all around Sabah. Kota Marudu, Tuaran, Tambunan, Keningau, Tawau, Penampang and et cetera. The speech held by the ministry of Majlis belia dan sukan (Correct me if I'm wrong) in the evening and then sent us to where we should sleep for just a night before the departure for the next morning.

21st May

At 3.30 in the dawn, we had to gt up and get ready before the departure. The bus will send us to KKIA in 4a.m.! That was too early, well my flight was on 7.20am. So, earlier is better, right?
We arrived in KKIA around 5 or so. We had nothing to do, instead of enjoying our breakfast in McDonalds.
So, an hour before our flight, we're checking in and went in to A4 gate. Actually, this is my first time going out from Sabah, my first time going in to plane and my first time on a flight. Like literally. Hahaha. So everything was so new to me, I really had to be comfortable with new surroundings, or else, umpama rusa masuk kampung. 😂 Luckily during the flight, I had no sick, I mean, high-pressure-sick. It went well for me and everything was so normal. Haha.

Around 9 or 10, we finally safely arrived in KLIA. And I sang "Kuala Lumpuuuuuur~ Ibu neg'ri~" and everything I saw were just, kelapa sawit kelapa sawit kelapa sawit kelapa sawit and kelapa sawit. I thought KL was like, high concrete buildings and skyscrappers everywhere. But not til' KL Metropolitan yet, that's why. Hahaa

Ok so we finally arrived in Puteri Park Hotel, which got 11 floors, 2 blocks in the city. I checked in the hotel and firstly got room number 920 in the 9th Floor. That was high af! And yeap, we had to face the elevators and escalators all day long. Hahaha. (Well better than ladders). Well in that room only fits 2 people, so I have another roomate named Mohd Syazwi. He's a sporting roomate, I guess. Haha. That evening, my friend and I had walk around the city to get comfortable and to fit in. Well it's better to get familiar with new surroundings. After I went back to my room, a friend requests me to change rooms, so lastly my room was in 10th Floor, room number 1016. Higher than the first 😂. Then, I met two roomates, named Kiki (Mohd Hazirah) and Stojce Lim. The were freaking awesome and kind and sporting, for sure. Haha.

22nd May

So this day was our trip (Lawatan sambil belajar) to selected places. So e groups went to other places of interests such as Majlis Sukan Negara, Global innovation and Creativity Centre, International Youtch Centre, and Media Prima TV3. While my group, we went to PhiHarmonic Orchestra in Petronas Twin Towers. Such a lucky trip to get the opportunity to take selfies with Petronas Twin Tower 😂. We went to the PhiHarmonic Orchestra Hall to enjoy listening the eargasms of Phiharmonic Orchestra. Such a natural and calm music stream down into our ears. Hehehe.
So it's nearly 11.30am. So we went back to hotel, some of muslims were going to take their Solat Jumaat, while us, took some quality rest in hotel.

So that night, we had a dinner in the ballroom together with the ministry of belia dan sukan. He gave a few talks and us, having great dishes during dinner, while listening and enjoying the karaoke performances by volunteers who wanted to sing. Haha. Such a yummylicious and happy tummy before I went back to my room and chats with roomates before sleep.

23rd May

Today is the day we went to lawatan ke Festival Belia Putajaya. Actually it were held from 22nd to 24th of May, but we only went there on 23rd for the majlis pelancaran. There were many booths out there, many artists performing on the stage, stalls and many more that I recommend you guys to go there (well next year. Haha). I also solved some quizes and get gifts! Firstly I got umbrella, but I said "boleh ganti ka? Sbb sya xdpt bawa balik Sabah payung ni" then they changed it for Beats earphone. Wow! Hahaha. And we also managed to collect some badges. There were pameran kerjaya, pameran budaya setiap negeri di asia, pameran makanan and many more. And I don't know what to bring the ideas to kem belia malangang. Hahaha. Maybe I know some, like CSI that were taught in festival belia putrajaya. Haha. Right?
And then, I taught Recchel @ Girl (My cousin) to came along and kasi kawan sya di festival belia. Hahaha. She came for just few hours to meet me.
So that evening, the majlis pelancaran was held in the Warna warni hall. There were many performances by every states. (It was a competition)
And sadly we went back to hotel by 5 in the evening. Sdgkan tu event tamat jam 10.30 gtu. It's okay. We had so much fun during the festival. Balik hotel pun balik2 room alone sbb geng2 roomate smua kluar p hangout sma team drg. Ohoo haha.

24th May

ACARA BEBAS! So in 11am, we went to Sogo mall, everything was so expensive that we went out from the mall with nothing to buy. Hahahaha. Then I bring along my cousins, Recchel and Ivan. So nice to meet them in this KL city. So afterthat we went to Quill citymall. What a big and new mall. I poked there to watch Pitch perfect 2 in Golden Screen Cinemas, but sadly I missed it 2 times. Huhuhu. Nevermind, Yeyen and Louissa were just stay in the Quill citymall and buy some things while Recchel, Ivan and I, went to Berjaya Times Square by monorail. Ok so these are new things to me, and I now know how to get to places by monorail. Haha.
When we arrived in Berjaya Times Square, everything is big, everything is cheap and everything is awesome. So I bought few stuffs from there for the gifts/ole2 for my family and friends. Lastly I spent my last RM100 and now, my balance is just around RM20. Hahahaa. PEMBOROS!
So I went back to hotel in the very evening, then I go out alone to go to nearby KFC to buy some dinner plate, just for me. Haha... So time d hotel tu, sya solo2 makan KFC until Kiki datang. Hahaha. But then dia keluar skijap lagi sbb member bawa. So layan KFC solo2 lagi la malam tu. Haha.

25th May

This is sad. We're leaving KL now. :( by 12pm, we gather and went back to KLIA before the departure to KK. Well my flight was on 8.50pm. Awal ba sampai airport. Huhuhu. But it's okay, I spent these last few moments on KLIA before went back to KK, where I belong. I bought many buns here from KLIA. So during our flight, sya merenung ja ke luar jendela tengok pemandangan KL pada waktu malam before arrived in KKIA. It's okay, maybe some day I will go back to KL and checking in again in Puteri Park hotel. ^^ So here it is, memories treasured ;)

So we safely arrived in KKIA around 11 something, well there's Allan, Allen, Wendy, Christie and Abg Amrie wth 2 cars fetch us. 😂 wow disambut meriah gitu. Hahaha. After that we went to Rugading to eat Dinner a.k.a midnight dinner before heading to Bangunan BSMM Tuaran and sleep there.

Such a sweet throwback, what a sweet throwback ♡