Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

24th December 2012 - Christmas Eve

     My mother, sister and I went to Tambunan Town to buy some groceries and those green stuffs (vegetables) for Tomorrow (25th) and Family Day(28th). My mother was searching for blue shirt for Family Day's.. Yup. Our Party theme was blue. It took about an hour to find a blue shirt for my mom.

     Went back home-village, Uncle Daniel's family were here! He brought a huge speaker. Super bass and super loud! It's too loud that I can't take it anymore. From afternoon until evening, loud song.. Makes me deaf. hahaha. Well, I don't care about it. Those speakers were for the Family Day Celebrations this Friday. Aunt Ebirina (I called her Aunt Elly) arrived and started decorating the house with the lights and all those Christmasy Stuff. 

     That night, We went to church for Christmas Eve's mass. Giving thanks to God. After the mass finished, we went to Anne's house for Christmas Eve's Open house. All those foods were very delicious, and the open house ended perfectly. Beside that, I send all Jessie J's new tracks to Anne via Bluetooth. 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Balik Kampung~

Yesterday, My mother, sister and I return to out village, at Patau Village, Tambunan..

22nd December 2012, Saturday
     Safely arrived at Tambunan Town on 11 o'clock in the morning. Our first destination was on my aunt's saloon, Reena Saloon. Yes,  rebond my mom's hair and then cut my hair followed by hair treatment. I just love it all.

  Ohya! We also enjoy our lunch there, ate Chicken Rice. I am very amazed that they also served Tuaran Mee. Apa lagi, I bought Fried Tuaran Mee for 2. One for me and another for my mom.

   On 5:13 in the evening, we safely arrived at our lovely village . So many changes since months back then.  We saw Alexty, grandpa, grandma, Auntie Evelyn, Shawn, Uncle Stanley, Uncle Erwin and Uncle Erick. After dinner time, we were watching TV with family and end up sleeping at 9:15pm. It's too early for me. But the low temperature as low as I'm in Antarctica makes me freezy. I felt more comfortable with my red thick warm blanket. Warm enough.

23rd December 2012, Sunday
     Woke up a few minutes before 8 o'clock in the morning. Today is Sunday, I shall go to church, but mom said that the mass started on 10 o'clock. So I just continued sleeping, but all of a sudden, my mom asked to my grandpa and he said  that the mass will start on 8 o'clock. WHAT?

Friday, 21 December 2012

Leisure time with Dad

Today I'm gonna write about my leisure time, spend much time with dad, fishing. Fishing is my new hobby. Yesterday and today, the same place, the same activity, the same person ☺.

Yesterday, Daddy invited me to join him fishing at Tuaran. (I don't know the specific name of that place, but surely at Tuaran.) What I knew about that place is there's unpaved roads (gravel) and the place where lorry driver take sands.. The river is so clear, calm, deep (i guess), plenty of catfish, whitefish (ikan putih) and also the 'spoiler fish' for mosh fishermen, the puffer fish (ikan buntal).

The first specific destination (but the same place). We went fishing there, but dad failed to catch any fish, but two puffer fishes. Give up? not yet. We went to the next specific destination (but still the

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Miracles Happened

This morning.. I felt very nervous but yet impatient to view my PMR result.. Teachers will give us the PMR slip on 11 in the morning, but I arrived there 3 hours earlier.. You got it. I was the first student arrived at the school like a boss and be a forever alone guy during the 3 hours before the result.
     Oh ya. a day back then, I texted to 15333 to see my PMR result, but no response. Maybe the service is not activated yet. Such wastes my 30cents..
     Okay. Back to the main story. ☺  Seriously I'm not nervous when I'm about to sign my name and take my result. It's just normal.. Everything turns normal.

*pandang pertama* whoa! banyak A!
*pandang kedua* duhh. 2 B..

     At first I felt very satisfied about my resultand thanked to God... But that feelings became dissapeared when Effy and Marlina got straight As in their PMR result..
"whoa, terharu bro"
I became more and more jealous when more friends got straight As.
"apa boleh buat. What's past is past"

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Day To Go

Oh my God! Tomorrow is the provision of PMR slip. I can't wait yet I'm nervous. What? Less than 24hours left?

*my knees are shivering*
*my heart pounding*
*My palm & feet starts to sweat*
I'm just worried that I can't get the best results and make my parents proud of me.
all I need to do is..

Log in to twitter, and guess what? #GoodLuckForPMRResultTo and PMR are trending Malaysia right now. And I'm reading the trends for PMR... See who's lucky down there..
I's tweeting!
motivational tweet from @ZackZuandyy
ya. so do I

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Jessie J Heartbeat ♥

Jessie J, a.k.a. Jessica Ellen Cornish. One of my Idol, my star. I became a Jessie J Heartbeat since ayear ago. I have all her published song, single, featured, covers, music videos including the leaked one. She's one of the victim who her song (for the next album) was leaked online by unknown person. Maybe that's why her second album is still not launch.

Jessie J's song that I have in my phone.

  • A. dot ft Jessie J - Sweetest Thing
  • Daley ft. Jessie J - Remember Me
  • Abracadabra
  • Big White Room
  • Jessie J, Kate, Laura, Florence & Adele - Brit Award
  • Casualty Of Love
  • Catwalk
  • Do It Like A Dude
  • Domino
  • FastLane
  • Five Down (unreleased)
  • I Love The Way You Like It
  • I Need This
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody (cover)
  • Killing Me Softly (cover)
  • Laserlight
  • L.O.V.E
  • Mamma Knows Best
  • My Shadow
  • Nobody's Perfect
  • OCD
  • Party In The U.S.A (cover)

Friday, 14 December 2012

My exclusive t-shirt

I am so happy right now when last night, my own t-shirt is completed and ready to wear. The decoration? just simple, plain text on my shirt. The ordinary white shirt costs me RM18 while the printing costs RM12. An ordinary white t-shirt with a plain text costs me a total RM30 for one.

  I'm feeling very satisfied now although there a tiny error with my name.. my name spelled alexanderirvin. But the guy accidentally added an 'I' behind it, and my name turned to alexanderirvini.. Luckily it can be erased by print a white colour on the extra 'I'.

LOL. the mimic

Thursday, 13 December 2012


  Today is the last repetitive year.. Well, when 01/01/2101 comes, the repetitive date come again. :D In this day, when you're reading your friends' posts on Facebook, Twitter etc, About all majority of them posts about triple12, and I'm the one.

twelve everywhere..
  Yesterday, I was targeted to post status on triple 12, 12:12am and triple12, 12:12pm, unfortunately, unlucky for me.. I'm too late to posts status on the perfect 12.

Is perfect twelve your lucky day?
  Pretty hard and difficult to explain to you. Okay. Just simple: 
cleaning my house..
I'd bought a domain (.my) for free (a year)
Ok, this is the most annoying problem. my blog can't verify my new domain So I sent a message to the Owner of Free Domain GiveAway.. Hopefully I manage to change my domain as soon as possible.. amen.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Reconciliation Sacrament Day.

  Shalom and happy holiday, readers. Before the reconciliation sacrament start, Imma post my daily fix.. Here we go.. (in note form, okay.. I'm too tired to make a long paragraph)

  • My family and I went to 1Borneo Kota Kinabalu (except my mother because she's working). We went there this morning just to claim my spectacle.. LOL. purple colour. Luckily it's dark purple, and smart! That's why I chose it. Total: RM279 (exclude deposit RM50).
  • After that, walking around the mall but nothing to buy. So, we just went back home.
  • On the way back home, my dad suggest that we should buy Christmas tree.. Gosh. We've never bought Christmas tree before. My dad parked his car in front of two cars (block their cars. teehee) and went to the nearest shop to find a Christmas tree.. At last, he'd managed to buy a Christmas tree with RM29++ and 180cm tall.
  • Arrived at home and started decorate it. Behold! our ever first christmas tree :')

  • On 4.30pm, my mom went back home earlier..

Monday, 10 December 2012

Giveaway Free Domain For All Participant

Just joined another contest. LOL. I like this one. As the title said: Giveaway Free Domain For All Participant. This is what I want *imagine that my domain will be*

Okay2.. Wanna Join this contest? Do click HERE for more information. :)

QUICK! Deadline is on 16th of December at 8A.M

*note to the owner of this contest: I'd followed your blog, subscribed you, added you on google+, followed blog JIWAROSAK and all.. Oh ya. Do approve me to join the group :) thanks.

PMR slip Result?

Last night, right after I shut the computer down, lying on the bed.. I checked my phone and guess what? one of my friend (Alfeorina) sent me a message.. PMR SLIP RESULT?
okay. here's the detail..

Grade to achieve A for every subject
Bahasa Malaysia: 67.
English: 67.
Science: 70.
Living Skills: 75.
Geography: 75.
History: 75.
Math: 70.
BA: 85.

Results On: 19th December 2012.

hmm, I'm not sure enough is the statements above is true or not. Well, I hope it's true. :)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

KK, here we come!

Hi friends, today I'm gonna posts 2 entries, and this is the second entry for today. Wanna read the first? click HERE. Okay back to the story..

  • Mum wake me up early in the morning, but I'm still sleepy.
  • After took a shower, and all that stuff.. Ready to go to KK!
  • First destination, One Borneo Hypermall - 1B for short. Unfortunately, we were arrived there around 15 minutes too early. 1B opens at 10am.

Enormous 1B
  We spent about more than an hour at 1 Borneo to buy some clothes for Christmas, but sadly it's quite pricey and  hard to find for clothes that you desired. 
  Spent for long time just managed to buy my spectacle and my mom's sport wear. Such wastes time.

messy hair :( darn!

Segment King Follow Back by Amercorner

click here to join this segment.

Hello, guys and girls.. Today I'd just saw a post from someone about this segment. It'll be nice and good for me to join this segment too..

Nyatakan sebab anda perlu dinobatkan sebagai king follow back
  • Nak share segala informasi, idea, cerita & my daily fix kat korang..
  • Actually nak dapat ramai blogger friends dan followers. Cos' I'm newbie.

My follower

yeah.. my main reason to join this segment :)

Nyatakan sebab blogger lain perlu join segment ini
  • They can gain more traffic.
  • Gain more friends and followers.
  • Share the ideas, like I do.

Monday, 3 December 2012

First week of Advent

Hi stalkers. hehe.. thanks for reading my posts. This week is the first week of advent (weeks before Christmas, born of our savior, Jesus Christ)

Well, I had nothing else to tell you, I just wish that this month will be the most awesome month that gives me the sweetest memories..

I had just photo-shoot and then photoshop it for this month. (Me for December)
Here's some of my December collections

Online Magazine Cover for U&I December

Online Magazine Cover for U&I December
first tshirt + second tshirt = the 3rd tshirt

Happy advent, everyone!