Saturday, 21 February 2015

Sorou po ada entri baru dalam ni blog. Haha

The time is 0232, Saturday February 21st.

I just cannot sleep right now. My eyes lied to me all the way from morning till the moment that I just want to sleep. Seriously man, us humans used to be nocturnal *pffft* Oh yeah. I'm on holidays for nearly 2 months now, but seriously? No time for blog? Maybe I'm just too busy with other things, like joined BSMM activities, going to school *mengacau ja*, driving lesson, hangouts, attend relative's wedding ceremony.... Kind of made myself busy.

I also used to be challenged myself to do some workout during holidays, for 28 days. Meh, I fade up on the 6th day. I know I shouldn't to. I wanna see myself with muscles and abs and all that things. Not to impress other's but to impress me, I wanna stay healthy and fit. And being proud of me, and build some confidence deep inside me. But no worry, where there's a will, there's a way. I knew I will struggle to achieve those dreams. :)

Oh yeah! I nearly forgot. Yesterday, (well literally. Or should I say, This morning, Friday 20th) Kami baru 'penerimaan abu' di church. Well, it used to be done in Wednesday, sebagaimana perkataan 'Rabu Abu' atau 'Ash Wednesday'. Tapi Chinese New Year kan, so kena tangguh p hari jumaat. 'Penerimaan abu' adalah tanda bermulanya utk berpantang dan berpuasa serta bertaubat, kembali kepada Allah bapa. Dalam lingkungan 40 hari sebelum Jumaat Agung (Good Friday, mmg cuti umum tu), Sabtu Suci (Easter Vigil) & Hari besar Paska (Easter Day)... So, apa apapun, sempena CNY dan jga musim prapaska ni, sya memohon minta maaf kpada kamurang smua yg mngkin prnah sya kasi sakit hati biarpun siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikit secara sengaja atau tidak sengaja. May God bless all of us ♡ Amen.

Btw, I just have this feelings to write a new entry on this blog since this one anonymously asked people want me to write ANYTHING in my blog asalkan ada post baru. Dia tanya sya dalam Haha.. I guess, I know who she/he is... Kalau nda silap, memang kau la tu kannn! Hihihiiii Antara si Ganak, Devreny, Pinou, cousin2 auntie2 uncle2, Cikgu sya, geng2 sya, kawan2 sya, relatives sya, yg kenal sya... Tida lari la tu jawapan hahaha

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Lesen L, I'm coming!

Since lately I've not been on blogger, not post much entries. And this post is the secknd entries on 2015. I've got to tell you, I'm getting my L liscence soon. I do know that it's just L. Still a learner. But hey, wanna know a fact? I don't even know how to start a car engine. My IQ 'bout driving is zero.

   Few days back then, around 2 weeks ago if I'm not wrong, I attended the first driving class, KPP1, also known as Kelas Pendidikan Pemandu 1.. Just sit in the class and listen, pay attention to what my lecturer said. 6 hours dude! Fortunately in PMJ, they just took time around 3 and an half hours.

   After kpp1 class, I studied for 2 weeks and then attend the computerized exam... Huh I was so freakin nervous that moment, walking down the stairs to go to Rilek. I took my last few hours ask my friends Anita, Orzee and B'a for the tips, and some answers. Haha.. Luckily, after I managed to answer all questions, I got 49 out of 50! PASS! I smile. Happy.

   So, right now, I'm still waiting for my tutor to come to my home to get all my documents for the L driving liscence. I hope I'll get my liscence as soon and as fast as possible so I can continue my KPP2, KPP3, QTI and JPJ test soon. Error 404: Delay not found. ;)