Friday, 12 December 2014

Irvin J on Vine!

Hi there. Lately I've been active on Vine since the day I went back home from Orzee's house for a party. It was awesome. Well you know, I'm an officially an ex-student of high school ao I'm on holidays for more than 3 months! Vine is awesome, you can do anything hilarious just in 6 seconds. Do follow my Vine! ! Do follow, like, revine and comment on my posts! Oh yeah, I'm not alone. Orzee and Claudia are also on their first step along with me to keep active on Vine! Do follow them! Orzee Ranie and Celauu Anne. We listed about 37 titles for ideas to make our Vine videos. Hahaha... I know I'm not good in making funny videos but at least I made a relatable posts. :)

Oh yeah, in the other hand, I just received my custom print T-shirt with long sleeve. It was cool. :)

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


  I am quite happy right now that I managed to survive this torturing exam. I kept on fighting until the very end of exam. The first 2 weeks were quite okay for me, but the third week were just, it's like I've been shot to death by killer subjects. Hey, the last exam was quite okay, (it's ICT).. Music exam was good. :) Well huge thanks to Teacher Clarice for teaching us Music Subjects for just 2 sessions, but I learned almost everything!. (Oh yeah credit to our Teacher Mollon doe.. �� )

  Exams were kinda awesome ( I don't know why but I just am). We still have those tiny time to recap what we've learned before. 'Cause we're procrastinators! ☆★. The very last paper I've sit, ICT, I got an awesome surprises by Teacher Ernest, Orz, and Charles! (I mean, Orzee and Charlene haha) Dude! He gave me a Barcelona Tshirt like, "Dangg how did you know I'm a barca fans? " haha.. seriously!

  So now I'm officially an ex-student of High school. Imma be 18 soon, with no books, no teachers, no classes. I'll miss all these things. It's like, I used to go to school and make frienda, and studiea, and exams.. but now I'm not.. (Gotta look forward for work though.... soon... Maybe next year).. I'll miss my friends :)

  High School Rocks! ♡☆

Friday, 7 November 2014


[November 7, 2014]

Hi guys. Sorry for the delays and not being active on Blogger these months. And yeah, SPM CANDIDATES joooo. This could be the shortest entry of my blog, but at least I updated my blog, ayy? I've been thinking of buying a new domain name for my blog since the old one ( has expired. I'm thinking of buying new domain name ( that seems short, right??

   Wokay back to our main title, tbe first week of SPM is just okay. Despite the math paper 2 question suddenly popped out some HOTS question. Like wth with those jackfruits and durians and rockets... hahaha... but at last, I managed to answer it. My math paper 1 in spm, I scored 39 out of 40! Insane! I just hate that I get wrong answer in question 9... Circle, tangen.... duh.. haha... Aim for A+es and hopefully the graph will go down, go low.. So we achieve more A's in SPM results.

   BM, BI are okay so far... Moral! Omg like two and a half hours are not enough! Erghhh. But managed to answer all! :) Next papers will be history.. Hopefully I'll achieve at least A- for this too... and many more subjects to come... I have to sit another 7 papers to go... Because I took 11 subjects including ICT and Music.. haha..

   Wokay.. It seems that this is not the shortest entries of em all... Haha.. GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST SPM CANDIDATES 2014. !!!

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Hi everybody.. It's been a long time since my last entry. Wokay. Without further ado, I'm gonna tell you guys about a new release Music Video which was directed by ME! yeahhh.. haha... It's a music video about patriotic. Tomorrow is Independence Day and a brand new patriotic video was uploaded yesterday!..
During the videoshoot, we took 2 days which was on Thursday (at our Class) and Tuesday (around the school). I never knew that being a director, videoshooter and video editor at the same time was really hard. It was really a hot day, then hard rainy day in the evening which was the end of their video shoot!

Head-director: Teacher Joan (JadeSisters)
Director: Alexander Irvin (ME).
Singer: DmergeNigma (Lexterneil, Gary Ronaldo, JC Joe'En, Effy Rystal, Ellyonie and Awang Iskandar)
Lyricist: Teacher Joan x Teacher Sahia
Composer: Didi Moo (JadeSisters)
Producer: Eyes and Ears Productions x JADEsisters
Recorded at: Eyes and Ears Production Studio.
Powered by: The students of SMK Tamparuli.

This song is a huge gift for Merdeka57, Malaysian Day and SMK Tamparuli 50 year Golden Jubilee celebration. Don't forget to WATCH, LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

113 Days to go... SPM~

July 15, 2014

  Speaking of SPM, are you ready to fight for your future, guys? Well some of you are ready, but the others not. Same goes to me.. I don't even realize that we're now in the middle year of 2014. SPM are around the corner.. Just 113 days left. *ughh*
  I'm not ready yet including the electives subjects. Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Additional Mathematics.. et cetera.. Hmph.. They're freaked me out.
  Oh yeah, I just bought 2 unique ID of PIN, which are UPU Pin (Category A) for my personal identity for the university intake. The other one, Matrics. Pin for the 'matrikulasi'.. Next time I wanna buy the UiTM Asasi Pin.. hoho.. (These or This pin are so important for those continuing their studies to matrix or University). Both of the pins costs me RM16.60.
  Anyway, for those who are same badge with me, *97 dudes and babes* who will be sitting for SPM this November, All the best man! Good Luck, God bless and keep fighting for our future!
  Oh yeah, and one thing, before I ended tonight entry, I just want to take note to myself and 97-batch, PLKN intake name-search for 97-batch can be accessed by this end of July.. :) peace!

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Second day, team kami fighting lagi utk pertandingan Relay, Senario dan Komuniti... Omo... Relay la, team kami yg paling hancur... Senario pun kami macam teteda harapan ni sbb komen para juri yang sangat kick hahaha... Komuniti la... Lpas kmi buat smua, ada sy ternampak tu juri bagi markah... Byk yg full mark time dr komen2 kami hoho... Kira ada harapan la dlm Komuniti ni kunu... After PC tamat, officially team PC are freeeeeee...
  Third day, siang2 mcm teteda apa2... Tu malam la, MALAM MUHIBAH babe! The event that I waited for so long! It was a blast! Team tuaran pakai baju official yg kami buat : WRCD TUARAN CHAPTER. Along the show, kami sangat sangat sangat sporting. Menari2 segala sambil2 drg buat persembahan yg bertemakan etnik Sabah di sana pentas. Hahahaha... It was so awesome. Lpas ja malam muhibah, trus kami tidur di sana... Haha. Yes, di Dewan. Syok ehh... Sejuk brabis di luar sampai masuk angin perut sya hahaha...
  Last day, the day. Everyone's looking forward those day. Hari penutupan & pertandingan kawad... Adadaaa... Baru ni kali sy jumpa cousin Brenda. Itupun bukan face to face. Huhuhu... Every March team mmg nearly perfect ni. Itulah mcm smua ada fight dlm ni prtandingan. Sya sama kawan sy kna suruh duduk saaaaana dpn sbb kami kna suruh ambil sijil anugerah kepujian bagi belia. Esehmennn... Begegar tgn sy time tu. Besalah. First time kunu.. Haahha.. Time2 kna umum la keputusan kan, The thing I don't espect really happen unexpectedly. Kami (team belia cabang Tuaran) juara Quiz bee, naib johan utk Komuniti, dan tempat ketiga dlm senario... What?? Senario? Hahahaha... Yg komen paling kick kami dpt lol... But eventhough Kawad Cabang Tuaran didn't manage to win at this time, I'm really proud of them, you know. Haha.. Sesangat! Awesome bah diorang tuuuu... Haha... After that, we took pictures together... And x lama slpas tu, susun barang and pulang~~
  Sy rasa ni kali awal btul ni kami pulang sdgkan cabang lain pulang lambat.. Last two years pun kami pulang yg malam sdh hohoho... But ni kali jam 4 lebih, sdh sampai di Tuaran.. Anyway mmg awesome la ni kali pya WRCD. Haha.. Miss them~

Monday, 16 June 2014


Hello peeps, yesterday I'd just arrived herw, Tuaran from Ranau at 4 pm.. That's quite early. Sy mau yg lama-lama ba.. Tengahmalam baru sampai... Kenen hahaha Seriously I do love this year's WRCD that was held on Ranau.
The night before WRCD, I slept at Bangunan BSMM Tuaran. Having fun jga la malam tu... Belajar lagi brabis utk Komuniti kami... But sadly the kawad team and the others tidur awal... Aiyaaaa... X sempat kami kami yang team PC ni mo hangout sama diorang. So time tengahmalam tu, tidur la trus..
  The next morning, which was 11 June 2014, bersiap sedia mau berangkat p Ranau.. But before that, kami p practice lagi utk pertandingan PC kami... And it was so bad, for the practical. Hancur habis.. Pegawai pn x sanggup tengok. Apa bleh buat la... After our practice finished, datang la tu Cabang Penampang join kami sana Bangunan Cabang Tuaran.. Ogumu no tulun.. Banyak jo! Bersalam-salaman lagi.. :) Smuanya baik baik belaka. Next, the St. johnians pun baru datang join kami pergi WRCD utk pertandingan time Malam Muhibah.
  Around 11 am, start sdh kami jalan, I'm in group C with Tommy, Hou, Esther, Shahrul, Oi Jin, Albert and the St Johnians and the 4-primary-schoolers. Along our way, we had so much fun in the bus, isn't it?. Malu-malu lagi kamiorang berlayan drg St Johnians. Hmph :(. In the middle of our trip, we stopped by Pekan Nabalu to buy some foods, goodies or just going to toilet. Unfortunately I can't find my classmates, just formmate.. Hmm.. Okay next, we continued our journey. After waiting and sleeping for about 3 hours, we finally arrived on the Ranau Stadium. It was huge! Then, the Tenghilanians joined us continueing our journey to our homestay.. Too bad dorang kna kasi tinggal bas, tp syok jga dpt join drg ba. Lastly, we finally arrived to our homestay at SK Kilimu, Ranau. It was a huge college-like primary school. So mesmerizing.. Then, our room was at the top. Phew, penat jga naik tangga angkat barang.. Saya telah berjaya menguruskan badan sebanyak ber-kg-kg.. Hahaha..
  That night, our first move for Team PC to fight for Quiz Bee that night. After we arrived, there were many contestants that makes us so ketakutan. Lol. Skali soalan dia, banyak pasal UUKA... Lpas tu PCA... Skali teteda soalan PK.. Eeee... Last2 kan, yg markah seri- Cabang Tuaran (belia) dgn Cabang Sipitang (Belia).. Terpksalah extra question... Last2 smpai 2nd extra question, Loysa main timbak ja jawab soalan trus BAM! KAMI JUARA QUIZ BEE hahaha...
#Continue Part 2 Soon

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Countdown Clock

Aishhh.. I'm so impatient to join World Red Cross Red Crescent Day Camp Sabah that will be held on Ranau this June 11. I, as a member of Malaysuan Red Crescent Tuaran Chapter, and all of our gang, will keep fighting for WRCD! :) All the best and good luck guys! I'm getting nervous as the countdown is less than a month~~

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I gave up -_-

For now, I really do hate advertisements.. Like what the heck? My blogs were associated with various advertisements but my earning didn't even increasing. Huh.. I gave up so early? Did you mean, I gave up on it since 2012? The same value? dushhh... *double-pissed-off*

  Huh, just forget about it, anyway, I'm doing it in good way. I'm putting up the ads on a right style; halal style; not break the rules.. Muehehehe.. So this week I'm probably a lil' busy doin' my final touch on my friend's Petrosains video.. Thus, with tomorrow's video recorded by the prefects.

  Oh yeah, I also send 2 of my melody drafts to my friend, Sofian a.k.a. DJ Star Sonata to help me making some instrumentals for my first mini album a.k.a. EP. So, just stay tuned guys. haha

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Finished fighting for SEMESTER 1

Omg.. It's just like I'm in a battlefield. War. Fighting for my Semester 1. (Baru sem 1 sudah bising... SPM hujung tahun nii. Haha) Like seriously we fight for 3 weeks. (SPM satu bulan -_____- ) Semester one for Former 5 is surely took a long time and had such a thick question papers for a single subjects.. All the essay was like I wrote a novel.. 1 essay, 3 full pages. Hahaha
  Additional mathematics, this! I just realized that actually it's not quite hard, just a tricky questions. The LOLest thing is, I can score better in paper 2 rather than in paper 1.. *paper 1 soalan pendek2 pun xdpt jawab. Kalau paper 2, nah ambil ko*
   History, was used to be the hardest subject ever but not when I reached form 4. 3 papers.. Yes, THREE. Paper one is objective, paper 2 is subjectives with long essays and paper three, bring as many book as you want during the exam. Kau rujuk la buku teks, buku rujukan, printed answers banyak mana kamu mau.. Even in SPM.
   Science electives.. Bio, chemistry, physics, like seriously.. Paper 3, tulis eksperimen ciptaan sendiri.. Lol.

  Today, our sem 1 exam finished but not for me, not officially yet. Tomorrow I'll have to fight for Music Subjects. Yes, I took Music subject for SPM. HAHAH

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Hello again, friends. Omg. It's been a long time since my latest entry during my birthday, eyy... Semenjak duamenjak ni, jarang btul sya update blog. Ish-ish-ish... Notice that my last entry was on last month. Bgitu jga dgn sblmnya, an entry for a single month. Pemalas btul update blog, facebook hari-hari pla. Ehe

  Like seriously in these two months, April and May, I was so exhausted with all the events, activities that were scheduled. This month is also our First Semester month for SPM candidates like me. SPM tu... Baru srmester 1, exam pun sampai 3 minggu. Ish3.. I also very busy with editing short movies a.k.a. 15-minute video for the Petrosains competition. But that one finished 80% before the exam.

  I also very busy editing and designing official website for Kinabalu FM. Yeah that one still in progress, around 95% still... Paused for a while during my examination. After that, I am super duper mega ultra busy involved myself on First Aid competition for the World Red Cross Red Crescent Day camp on Ranau this 11-14th of June. So tiring and exhausted. Made me busy during weekends and have no time for extra-rest and study for my exam. Omo.. I shoudn't get involved on this, but I want to participate this camp so bad. Peringkat negeri tuuu.. SPM pun mesti 90% keatas utk kokum!

  Exhausted. The only perfect word to describe me on this month. But good news is, I'm finally finished my EP lyrics.. The instrumentals are still on progresses, and I'll start recording this Kaamatan holiday!  Haha

  Few words for the conclusion, Hopefully I'll pass my exam with flying colours! And KOTOBIAN TADAU TAGAYO DO KAAMATAN! adios~

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Happy 17th Birthday!

Hello everyone, today I'm not kinda saying much.

I know it's kinda a week late but who cares,

I just want to say THANK YOU for your wishes on my 17th Birthday!

A P R I L 2 ,

Still remember my last year single? yeah "Sweet sixteen, life was hard but I will face it easily.. Sweet sixteen, love and hurt hits me as I'm on my journey..." hahaha this song is still disturbs me till now, (suara pun rosak time tu, ends up unquality song)

   Last year is last year, this year I'm on my new life-page. Thanks guys for keep supporting me, especially my family, friends and 'Irvinators' (duii). I hope all the best for me for fighting for SPM, and so do you guys. Thanks God for everything. I thanked for everything. May God bless all of us. :) OK. Last words for the ending...


Monday, 17 March 2014

Best BSMM SMKT Camp Ever!


"Youth On The Move ~"
"~We make the move like"
*handshake style*

DISCLAIMER: this post is too long to read, hope u will read it all :) thanks 

O My Gosh, I never thought that all our hardwork and business worth a lot! A special thanks to the facilitator members and Kem Asas BSMM SMKTs' participants! First time in history, participants reaches up to 120 peoples! *raise your glass*

  Before the camp, there were hundreds even thousands problem hit us, problems with the hall, problems with the time and activities, problems with the props, problems with facilitators and et cetera. I have to break my bones for this camp. The first day camp, Friday, in the afternoon, I have to go back home to prepare my stuffs and bring all the props. Around 5 bag I have to bring to school, exclude the props from MRC Tuaran Branch..yeap.. pretty many!

I arrived a bit late *my dad from KK, tu lah lambat sya kna hantar* I arrived there and still, be busy.. No time for participants... huhuhu... the nametag are not well-prepared yet. *Apa bleh buat, sibuk tahap dewa, berlari sini, berlari situ* After the aerobic session, then the activity session started. *macam baru ja kna buat oh.. operasi tambah, tolak, darab, bahagi*  

That night, after the participants finished shower, we then started to shower. Activity and activity for that night and lastly with CPR practical, by Mr Albert Joseph. Slpas tu, Runaway project.. dress 'em up with newspaper. After that, the participants went to sleep. :)

"ahh malas sya sudah mo ber-inggiris inggiris ni malam hahaha. excuse me to use my own language :) "

Malam tu, around jam 11 or jam 12, peserta tdur lah, kami yg faci ni sbhgian tdur, sbahagian bangun... kamiurang bangun la.. Disebabkan tu Faci Keselamatan jalankan tugas drg, kmi pun join la... Malam tu la paling sandi, p sana blok sains pastu tuuuuuuuut (haha sorry xbleh bagitau) kami brabis lari laju-laju ni.. x lama, datang lagi kami, pastu lpas tuuuuut (still, can't tell you) trus kami memecut laju lagi.. hahahha balik2 lah bgitu... syok jga bahh.. XD

Jam 1.30am, trus sy kasi bangun dorang yg sdg tdur... "Banguuuuun! Jam 5 sudah, ada ceramah kita awal2 pagiiii" I said.. padahal baru jam 2 gitu.hahha. Actually this is only trick. kmi mo buat Malam Berani Jaya @ Malam pungguk... hahaha di pagi subuih @ tengah malam.... time2 hujan pun kami kasi jadi sja. ni kali kami kasi extend tempat saaaaaaampai blkg ICT, sblh kantin tu... (Dkat tu kawasan tuuuu... hahahah) Dalam banyak2 peserta, si Irvine J juga la paling sandi, paaaaaaaling lama kna bawa nih. Sampai kasut dia masuk longkang yg berair, terjatuh la, limpas kuburan la, kna hujan la, berjalan atas kerusi panjang la... aishhhh kesian jga hahaha... Ryan Arther lagi.. kami kasi letak dia sana dkat kantin. (dgn pengawasan oke) last2 yg mo jam 4 sudah baru suruh dorang sndiri cari ahli kumpulan dorang. hahahaha... teriak yg terlampau kuat ni drg..  AMNESIA!!! STROK!! SAKIT JANTUNG!! SAKIT HATI!! OBESITI!!! arghhh banyak la nama kumpulan dorang tu hahhaa. lpas jmpa peserta sdh, msk dewan sdh, trus suruh drg p tidur.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

5POINT2 Students Celebrated Sweetest Valentine's Day!

OMG! hey everyone, you all know what'll I gonna post today.. You read the title, you have the clue! haha

  Well yesterday (Friday, February 14) is a Valentine's Day. Annually as usual, I didn't celebrate it (Cos I'm single haha, beside, Valentine's Day is not about having *tuuut* or whatsoever, Valentine's Day is to appreciate and loving everyone, everything, your family, your religion (So don't mess it up).. This year Valentine's Day is so different for me. Well, I'm not in a relationship, I'm still single mingle simple dimple *sheesh*..

  Early in the morning, I went to school as usual, and when I arrived at my class, my friends give us her handmade-lovely-stickers to stick on our school uniforms.After that, more and more stickers that were made by my classmates were stick on our school uniforms and made our shirt so blinky.. haha how creative us 5point2ers.. We also did not embarased to show the stickers on our shirt to everybody in our school, especially teachers (to show them some love). Kami berpakat & bersatu hati utk katakan "NO! Cause I love you" klau kna suruh buka tu sticker d baju.. hehe

  Furthermore, I made cute rings for all of the 5point2 girls.. (Sorry dudes, but we're bestfriends, right?) Siap kasi sarung cincin di jari manis setiap gadis lagi tauu. haha.. Seriously I'm too nervous sampai bergegar tangan sya ni.. aha.. I also made some and gave it to Teacher Chong and Teacher Lydia.. Never thought that teachers are sporting too! haha.. Oh yeah, tidak dilupakan to our class monitor, Eva Ednah made sweet changes from the mainstream "Salam Sejahtera Cikgu" into "Happy Valentine's Day, Cikgu" and "We love you, Cikgu".. haaa..

  After the school ended, I have to go to music room for my music class (1 bulan sdh xmasuk kelas.. OMO) haha.. Oh yeah, some of my awesome friends joined the acoustic audition.. They sang awesome songs.. Jonathan James's voice are freaking awesome like "You're the next The Voice winner"... I was intrigued to Olivia's voice when she sang Hurricane song.. haha.. Effy... I knew she got a pretty voice but unfortunately I didn't have time to see her performance on audition because I'm in music class. hmmmm

   By the way guys, I'm appreciate all the gifts that they gave to us and I thanked to them who still kept my handmade-Valentine-ring.. haha.. I love you all. :)

These handmade Valentine stickers (made by my classmates).. Kami lekat di baju kmi & goes everywhere during school time & kami x kisah klau kna tegur suruh buka. Haha.. I made DIY Valentine's ring for all the girls in my class *siap kasi sarung cincin lagi*.. And give it to Teacher Chong and teacher Lydia.. Our class monitor also made sweet changes from "Salam sejahtera, cikgu" into "Happy Valentine's day, cikgu" and "We love you, cikgu".. Haaaaaaa, such a sweet Valentine's Day for 5point2 students  *Spread the love*
*Shared on my Instagram & Facebook*

Friday, 31 January 2014

CNY Open House :-)

Hello everybody, firstly I wanna say Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends especially my Chinese friends. I have lot of fun today, enjoying my day..
  At 12 o'clock in the afternoon, I went to one of my friend's open house, Leiyee's house. Datang-datang ja, trus adik Leiyee, si Leivye dengan mesranya menjemput saya ke rumahnya. Haha.. I saw her cousins, aunt, her parents, but not Leiyee. Leiyee was going out for a while, so when her dad come, dia menyapa sya dalam bahasa dusun. Esehmenn.. Nasib pe doho karati mimboros dusun.. Haha.. After a while, Leiyee came home. :-)
  After that we waited for a bit, and finally Niki came.. Yeahh.. Ada kawan classmate sya juga haha.. So, kami pun dijemput makan la. The foods that were served were very delicious, Sasau, daging itik, ayam goreng.. And I ate the meals like 3 times. Haha. Seriously tummy-fulled that time.
  Lepas makan tu, tengok TV la kami.. While drinking Hundred plus and cola.. Datang lagi tetamu baru a.k.a. Leiyee's relatives. *Sudah dapat hong bao, dapat lagi dari aunty dia.. Haha* Ok.. We watched TV for about few hours until evening, around 4 o'clock.
  Kami keluarlah kejap.. Take fresh air and watch sunset.. We went to the nearby park.. Time di sana, terserlah terus darah kebudak-budakan sya. Hahaha.. Ya lah, playground kan.. Biasalah, it's been years since the last time, I guess when I was 9, having fun at the playground.. Aishhh... It's really fun time for me this evening..
  "Bapa sya suruh kita balik sudah sebab tu tarian singa mo sampai sudah", said Leiyee.. Kami pun balik la, few moments later, the lion dance from Ling San Pagoda arrived.. They're set up their props and... the lion dance started.. The first lion dance.. Time-time tarian singa tu, yang di hujung sudah kan, time-time dorang melompat, dappppp, the Lion dancers fell from the high pole. I guess I do have Psychic or the law of attraction just happen, because before they fall, I negatively think they'll fall. And it's not just me, but also Niki and others. *masinnya fikiran sya* after that, the next lion dancers bring the action.
  After that, kami stay-stay di luar.. The fun part, we played badminton with Niki, Leiyee, Kenneth... And many more that I forgot their name.. (Leiyee, bgtau sy nma dorang.. Haha.. Klo ada fb, sy bleh add haha) we played badminton till the sun goes down.. Syokkkk... Kali terakhir la sya main badminton dgn kerap time tahun 6, jadi sekarang ni, sya mo kembalikan ke-'pro'-an sya dalam badminton. Haha... Sedih tidak dapat join yang lain main football., because I used to be a badminton player, not a footballer.. Hmmm.. Time-time kami main badminton, boleh la sya main.. Dengan pro siiiikit.. Tapi balik-balik kalah. Hahaa last-last, I fed up.. I gave the racket to 'Lee Chong Wei' (Leiyee, sepa tu nama dia tuu? Haha) main sampai malam... Last-last kami duduk di luar enjoying the night while watching the kids played badminton.. Awkward part, duduk sebelah Kenneth, trus diam berabis. Haha.. (Adeii Leiyee, I'm an antisocial guy. Haha.. Btw, kesian juga ni.. Patut sya layan dia bah haha.. Make new friend) after that, went back in.
   Lepas tu, tunggu mau pulang lagi lah. So I called my dad frequently.. Hahaha... Sit down, watching TV, awkwardly and with that sudden smile on our face waktu babak kissing (cartoon bogiaa).. Sya x sanggup sudah makan-makan because my tummy prohibit it.. Muahaha... Paling-paling tapau seja.. After few moments, Niki's dad called her that he'll be there to fetch Niki within few minutes left.. Sya pun mula sudah risau ni lambat pulang hahaha... So I visualizing (law of attraction) so my dad arrived to fetch me first.. And that law of attraction happened once again. So lucky me. Haha.. So, at my first house, I got 5 hong baos..
  My daddy fetch me.. Firstly I thought I'll be home within minutea, but he brought me to my cousin's hose, at Ping Ping's house which is where I am right now.. So, I just blogging right here now while playing Tenten's Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1...

  So, that's all for now, I am very happy and enjoying myself during this Chinese New Year festive.. Especially at Leiyee's house.. Too many memories treasured for today, January 31st.. Make friends with her relatives. :-)  So, byebye and see ya in  my next entry

Thursday, 30 January 2014



That really is a happy shoutout. Tomorrow is SMK Tamparuli school holiday for celebrating Chinese New Year. *CNY mood ON* But what a sad for me, not coming back to hometown for a nice and calm holiday. That's okay, it's fun actually celebrating Chinese New Year in Tuaran.
   In the other hand, last week, I've joined the school radio DJ interview, and guess what? I'm in. I'll be hosting and take over the microphone for DJ-ing at my school starting after CNY school break. But what makes me 'malas' is the radio show will start on 5:30 in the morning.. Whatt? So I guess I should wake up on 4am, go to shool at 5:00am, DJ-ing on 5:30am, school starts on 6:50am, school ends on afternoon, SPM extra class (Yayasan GPMS) until 3pm in the evening.. And... Nakalapik.. Hahaha *Teasing myself*
   So, this Chinese New Year season, I'll be going to Leiyee's open house this Friday on afternoon.. And still wondering where should I go next.. Kimberly's open house? Christy's open house? Haha.. Well I'll think about that later.
   Okay so, right now I'm blogging in the middle of the night, so, byebye!

P/S: after a year been searching for someone's facebook account for my picture during Kem Perdana Siri 1, 2013.. Finally I managed to find it, thanks to Kim (xpandai bgtau awal2.. Haha)

Friday, 24 January 2014

Share and Get Rewarded! [HOT]

Tonight I'm gonna share something cool for all of you. Earn money by just sharing cool stuffs on social network. Awesome ayy. (Share, orang klik, dapat rewards)

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Form 5 Senior year 2014

Helo friends. I guess it's never too late for me to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 ayy? Hahaha. It's okay. And one thing, this entry is my 44th entry! Woooo *still not big enough*
  School term started, and so far so good. I still can't believe that I'm a senior now, living a Form 5 life, stressful year, big exam, study harder, be mature... My dream for this year is simple, BE MATURE. As I become mature, I'll be responsible guy, study hard, no messing around too much..
  Now, I'm 'enjoying' my form 5 life, good start for beginning of the year. And I'm feelin' way too relax until I just found out that SPM for 2014 is on November 3rd until December 2nd. *Freaked me out*
Is this just a dream?
Am I dreaming?
I'm a 17-year-old guy who will sit a big exam by the end of the year.
I'm gonna make a good preparations for my big exam month.
I just have to fight for my future. Focus
*incantation* *visualization* *auditory* (the law of attraction)
P/S: how ya' doin? Do comment down here or on the chatbox! Stay awesome yaww..