Sunday, 10 January 2016


Hello friends, yes today, my second video is finally up on Youtube! Seriously it took me a week to memorize the script, and though, I still can't memorize it and can't even speak it fluently. SAD!

  But seriously, Dusun is my native language, why would I forget and not to learn my own special mother-tongue? Well if our generations nowadays can't speak and even understood Dusun, or Kadazan pretty well, then how about our future? Kinda sad right?

   Yes at first I wrote a script on English, and told my mum for helping me to translate all those words into Dusun. Finally a new translated-into-Dusun script has been saved! Without further ado, do watch my video!

Friday, 1 January 2016

Before 2015 ends?

Hi guys, lately I've been working on my vlogs instead of just focusing on this blog. So make sure you guys subscribe , like and share my video to let the whole wide world see it :)
Much peace from the old Irvin J from 2015... gotta be 2016 irvin ;*