Sunday, 23 December 2012

Balik Kampung~

Yesterday, My mother, sister and I return to out village, at Patau Village, Tambunan..

22nd December 2012, Saturday
     Safely arrived at Tambunan Town on 11 o'clock in the morning. Our first destination was on my aunt's saloon, Reena Saloon. Yes,  rebond my mom's hair and then cut my hair followed by hair treatment. I just love it all.

  Ohya! We also enjoy our lunch there, ate Chicken Rice. I am very amazed that they also served Tuaran Mee. Apa lagi, I bought Fried Tuaran Mee for 2. One for me and another for my mom.

   On 5:13 in the evening, we safely arrived at our lovely village . So many changes since months back then.  We saw Alexty, grandpa, grandma, Auntie Evelyn, Shawn, Uncle Stanley, Uncle Erwin and Uncle Erick. After dinner time, we were watching TV with family and end up sleeping at 9:15pm. It's too early for me. But the low temperature as low as I'm in Antarctica makes me freezy. I felt more comfortable with my red thick warm blanket. Warm enough.

23rd December 2012, Sunday
     Woke up a few minutes before 8 o'clock in the morning. Today is Sunday, I shall go to church, but mom said that the mass started on 10 o'clock. So I just continued sleeping, but all of a sudden, my mom asked to my grandpa and he said  that the mass will start on 8 o'clock. WHAT?
there's few minutes left before 8, and I still lying on my bed? I ran quickly to the sink to brush my teeth as quick as possible at the eleventh hour.

     Phew, that was so close. There's still about 15 minutes before the mass started. By the way, after the mass ended. We went to the nearby shop. Darn, Uncle Eddy's shop and three others were closed. Fortunately, They sold delicious food for breakfast in front of the shop. They sell fried noodles, nasi lemak, cakes (I mean kuih-muih), etc. And.... I saw my best little cousin, Vallerie. He's professional in chinese rather than me.. I got C but he got As in Chinese. Good Job young man! I also saw Richie, Gary, Dodo, Gwen, Girl, Boy, Mizee, Anne (she's Altar Girl), Uncle Maxwell, Aunt Jalyah and many more..

    We went back home and ate our meals. watching TV and did normal stuff like you do. Suddenly, Alexty brought a newspaper and show us our grandma's face. LOL. That woman in the Harian Borneo newspaper is realy my grandma, seriously. Her face was appear on newspaper on 28th October 2012.
She's right there

     On that evening, I just realised that there's Uncle Erick's laptop in his room. So I sneak out in his room and turn on the laptop.. On WIFI, and blogging~ typing here... For your information, Patau Village is one of the wireless village (kampung tanpa wayar) that makes Patauan enjoy the wifi. 

   to be continued~~~


  1. I'm green with envy! I wish I was home for Christmas. Please give my love to the whole family. Oh, and congrats on your excellent PMR result. I'm proud of you. Keep it up, OK? Enjoy your stay at the village, Alex. Blessed Christmas to you.

    P/s: May I suggest you to make your blog mobile phone friendly? If you are hosting it with Blogspot, there is an option in the setting for you to easily do so :-)

  2. have a blessed Christmas and a happy new year for you too. And thanks for the wishes. :)

    P/S: okay :)