Thursday, 13 December 2012


  Today is the last repetitive year.. Well, when 01/01/2101 comes, the repetitive date come again. :D In this day, when you're reading your friends' posts on Facebook, Twitter etc, About all majority of them posts about triple12, and I'm the one.

twelve everywhere..
  Yesterday, I was targeted to post status on triple 12, 12:12am and triple12, 12:12pm, unfortunately, unlucky for me.. I'm too late to posts status on the perfect 12.

Is perfect twelve your lucky day?
  Pretty hard and difficult to explain to you. Okay. Just simple: 
cleaning my house..
I'd bought a domain (.my) for free (a year)
Ok, this is the most annoying problem. my blog can't verify my new domain So I sent a message to the Owner of Free Domain GiveAway.. Hopefully I manage to change my domain as soon as possible.. amen.

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