Wednesday, 11 November 2015


[11.11.15 , 1227HRS]

Wew can't believe its been like six months I'm not posting any entries down this blog. Quite silence for moments. Well I didn't even post yet that I'm now entering form six in Pre University SMK Tamparuli. Yes, I'm one of the STPM candidates who will be one of 7 left of us which is science streamers. Pengajian am, biology, chemistry and ICT are my subjects. Terminal one examinations is just around the corner (which is next week!)

    Ugh I didn't even prepared well yet for the examinations. As you know, STPM is hard indeed, can't deny that. Well on the other hand, I got another surat tawaran to continue my study in UiTM KK for Diploma in Science. Parents recommend me to just continue with my STPM, well I'm in the middle of the track of course.

    I didn't post much now as it seems so many awesome things had past that I didn't manage to jot it all down here. Anyway, can't believe we are around the end of year 2015. I'm a big boy now. How sad it'll be. Eighteen years old is just an awesome year in my life as I discovered nearly anything about this whole wide world.

For your information, Happy 3rd anniversary of this blog. 🎉🎉🎉