Wednesday, 11 November 2015


[11.11.15 , 1227HRS]

Wew can't believe its been like six months I'm not posting any entries down this blog. Quite silence for moments. Well I didn't even post yet that I'm now entering form six in Pre University SMK Tamparuli. Yes, I'm one of the STPM candidates who will be one of 7 left of us which is science streamers. Pengajian am, biology, chemistry and ICT are my subjects. Terminal one examinations is just around the corner (which is next week!)

    Ugh I didn't even prepared well yet for the examinations. As you know, STPM is hard indeed, can't deny that. Well on the other hand, I got another surat tawaran to continue my study in UiTM KK for Diploma in Science. Parents recommend me to just continue with my STPM, well I'm in the middle of the track of course.

    I didn't post much now as it seems so many awesome things had past that I didn't manage to jot it all down here. Anyway, can't believe we are around the end of year 2015. I'm a big boy now. How sad it'll be. Eighteen years old is just an awesome year in my life as I discovered nearly anything about this whole wide world.

For your information, Happy 3rd anniversary of this blog. 🎉🎉🎉

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


(TODAY IS MAY 27, 2015. 7:12PM)

20th May

The day where it all started, I mean, we're going to KL.
In the morning, I got the opportunity to take part in helping / duty for Blood donation charity that were held by Malaysian Red Crescent Tuaran Chapter and in conjunction with Yu Huang Temple. It was held at Tamparuli town, starting from around 8a.m. til evening. But me, I only duty from 8a.m. til 11.30am so that I still have few more hours to buy something to go to KL soon. I reached home and started to pack things around 12pm. Yep, I'm a procrastinator. Doing things at the eleventh hour, even on packing my stuffs.
Around 2pm, I went to BSMM Tuaran office by walk and waited there for abang Aidi to fetch Louissa and I to the Majlis Arena Belia.
  After we arrived in KK, at Arena Belia, we found and met hundreds of people from all around Sabah. Kota Marudu, Tuaran, Tambunan, Keningau, Tawau, Penampang and et cetera. The speech held by the ministry of Majlis belia dan sukan (Correct me if I'm wrong) in the evening and then sent us to where we should sleep for just a night before the departure for the next morning.

21st May

At 3.30 in the dawn, we had to gt up and get ready before the departure. The bus will send us to KKIA in 4a.m.! That was too early, well my flight was on 7.20am. So, earlier is better, right?
We arrived in KKIA around 5 or so. We had nothing to do, instead of enjoying our breakfast in McDonalds.
So, an hour before our flight, we're checking in and went in to A4 gate. Actually, this is my first time going out from Sabah, my first time going in to plane and my first time on a flight. Like literally. Hahaha. So everything was so new to me, I really had to be comfortable with new surroundings, or else, umpama rusa masuk kampung. 😂 Luckily during the flight, I had no sick, I mean, high-pressure-sick. It went well for me and everything was so normal. Haha.

Around 9 or 10, we finally safely arrived in KLIA. And I sang "Kuala Lumpuuuuuur~ Ibu neg'ri~" and everything I saw were just, kelapa sawit kelapa sawit kelapa sawit kelapa sawit and kelapa sawit. I thought KL was like, high concrete buildings and skyscrappers everywhere. But not til' KL Metropolitan yet, that's why. Hahaa

Ok so we finally arrived in Puteri Park Hotel, which got 11 floors, 2 blocks in the city. I checked in the hotel and firstly got room number 920 in the 9th Floor. That was high af! And yeap, we had to face the elevators and escalators all day long. Hahaha. (Well better than ladders). Well in that room only fits 2 people, so I have another roomate named Mohd Syazwi. He's a sporting roomate, I guess. Haha. That evening, my friend and I had walk around the city to get comfortable and to fit in. Well it's better to get familiar with new surroundings. After I went back to my room, a friend requests me to change rooms, so lastly my room was in 10th Floor, room number 1016. Higher than the first 😂. Then, I met two roomates, named Kiki (Mohd Hazirah) and Stojce Lim. The were freaking awesome and kind and sporting, for sure. Haha.

22nd May

So this day was our trip (Lawatan sambil belajar) to selected places. So e groups went to other places of interests such as Majlis Sukan Negara, Global innovation and Creativity Centre, International Youtch Centre, and Media Prima TV3. While my group, we went to PhiHarmonic Orchestra in Petronas Twin Towers. Such a lucky trip to get the opportunity to take selfies with Petronas Twin Tower 😂. We went to the PhiHarmonic Orchestra Hall to enjoy listening the eargasms of Phiharmonic Orchestra. Such a natural and calm music stream down into our ears. Hehehe.
So it's nearly 11.30am. So we went back to hotel, some of muslims were going to take their Solat Jumaat, while us, took some quality rest in hotel.

So that night, we had a dinner in the ballroom together with the ministry of belia dan sukan. He gave a few talks and us, having great dishes during dinner, while listening and enjoying the karaoke performances by volunteers who wanted to sing. Haha. Such a yummylicious and happy tummy before I went back to my room and chats with roomates before sleep.

23rd May

Today is the day we went to lawatan ke Festival Belia Putajaya. Actually it were held from 22nd to 24th of May, but we only went there on 23rd for the majlis pelancaran. There were many booths out there, many artists performing on the stage, stalls and many more that I recommend you guys to go there (well next year. Haha). I also solved some quizes and get gifts! Firstly I got umbrella, but I said "boleh ganti ka? Sbb sya xdpt bawa balik Sabah payung ni" then they changed it for Beats earphone. Wow! Hahaha. And we also managed to collect some badges. There were pameran kerjaya, pameran budaya setiap negeri di asia, pameran makanan and many more. And I don't know what to bring the ideas to kem belia malangang. Hahaha. Maybe I know some, like CSI that were taught in festival belia putrajaya. Haha. Right?
And then, I taught Recchel @ Girl (My cousin) to came along and kasi kawan sya di festival belia. Hahaha. She came for just few hours to meet me.
So that evening, the majlis pelancaran was held in the Warna warni hall. There were many performances by every states. (It was a competition)
And sadly we went back to hotel by 5 in the evening. Sdgkan tu event tamat jam 10.30 gtu. It's okay. We had so much fun during the festival. Balik hotel pun balik2 room alone sbb geng2 roomate smua kluar p hangout sma team drg. Ohoo haha.

24th May

ACARA BEBAS! So in 11am, we went to Sogo mall, everything was so expensive that we went out from the mall with nothing to buy. Hahahaha. Then I bring along my cousins, Recchel and Ivan. So nice to meet them in this KL city. So afterthat we went to Quill citymall. What a big and new mall. I poked there to watch Pitch perfect 2 in Golden Screen Cinemas, but sadly I missed it 2 times. Huhuhu. Nevermind, Yeyen and Louissa were just stay in the Quill citymall and buy some things while Recchel, Ivan and I, went to Berjaya Times Square by monorail. Ok so these are new things to me, and I now know how to get to places by monorail. Haha.
When we arrived in Berjaya Times Square, everything is big, everything is cheap and everything is awesome. So I bought few stuffs from there for the gifts/ole2 for my family and friends. Lastly I spent my last RM100 and now, my balance is just around RM20. Hahahaa. PEMBOROS!
So I went back to hotel in the very evening, then I go out alone to go to nearby KFC to buy some dinner plate, just for me. Haha... So time d hotel tu, sya solo2 makan KFC until Kiki datang. Hahaha. But then dia keluar skijap lagi sbb member bawa. So layan KFC solo2 lagi la malam tu. Haha.

25th May

This is sad. We're leaving KL now. :( by 12pm, we gather and went back to KLIA before the departure to KK. Well my flight was on 8.50pm. Awal ba sampai airport. Huhuhu. But it's okay, I spent these last few moments on KLIA before went back to KK, where I belong. I bought many buns here from KLIA. So during our flight, sya merenung ja ke luar jendela tengok pemandangan KL pada waktu malam before arrived in KKIA. It's okay, maybe some day I will go back to KL and checking in again in Puteri Park hotel. ^^ So here it is, memories treasured ;)

So we safely arrived in KKIA around 11 something, well there's Allan, Allen, Wendy, Christie and Abg Amrie wth 2 cars fetch us. 😂 wow disambut meriah gitu. Hahaha. After that we went to Rugading to eat Dinner a.k.a midnight dinner before heading to Bangunan BSMM Tuaran and sleep there.

Such a sweet throwback, what a sweet throwback ♡

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Kem Kesihatan di Kg Monggis 2015

[Today is April 20th, 11:44pm]

Fuhhh. Kemarin, balik rumah ja dari kem trus tidur. Nda ingat dunia sdh. Haha


The first day of health camp 2015 in Kg Monggis, MRC Tuaran Chapter adopted village, I mean, kampung angkat. Kind of located in rural Tenghilan. I went to the bangunan cabang at 6a.m. perhaps. With all my heavy luggages full of clothes, pail, favourite blanket et cetera. I firstly thought that everybody's are gettin ready, but guess what? They're still sleeping.
Around 9, the first team went to Kg Monggis to give speech and teaching on how to brush teeth and wash hands in a proper way. They taught for 110 students from S.K. Kayangat (Which is not that far from Kg Monggis). While us, the second trip, were still in bangunan. Mau tengahari sdh baru jalan bei. Sya sma huda di belakang lori jaga tu barang drpada jatuh. Kind of awesome moments for us to chill and feel the vibe, enjoy the sceneries of Tenghilan and then gettin wet by rain. We finally arrived on the Balairaya in Kampung Monggis. Those sceneries reminds me of my hometown, Tambunan. I started miss  my hometown ♡. Then, we set all the things up, clean the hall, cut the grass, setting up wiring. Sya pla kena suruh jadi paparazzi a.k.a photographer (not a pro, I use auto. In a process of learning manual photography). That evening, kami kasi nangis kakak Khatrie and played the song See Ypu Again (performed by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth). Around 5o'clock, we went down to the field to play football together with the villagers, during slightly-heavy rain. We had lots of fun, lots of laughter and lots of injury. Hahaha. Them villagers kinda master, they beated us! Haha. After we fully exhausted, we went to any nearby bathroom to bathe. Sya pigi sja mndi lugai2 sna dkat mata air sja. Hahaha. What a freaking cold water! Trus hilang segala cramp kaki. Seriously. Sejuk2 tu air pun, mcm nda puas mandi. Mau sja balik2 p mandi because of the cold water. And then malam tu, Sir Richard gave us some briefing for the next day First aid in community.


In the morning, abang Kevin woke us up by singing Negaraku. Lepas kami bangun tu, we're getting ready for the First aid in Community, we taught to the villagers on how to do first aid by using anything that you'll find near you, or in your house, and even outside your house. Sya pula mengajar part Patah (fracture). I used slippers for the splints and clothes for the bandages. Same technique. The villagers gained many informations, learned something through this event. Ini slot berlarutan sampai petang. Baru habis.. And after the villagers went back home, we changed our shirts and then played football again! But this time, we'll play football together with kakak Khatrie and abang Kevin. Again, we had lots of laughter than seriousness in football. Hahaha. Sya lari2, boleh2 sya terjatuh and then tergolek2 dua kali. Hahahahahahahaa. "Kena tackle nyamuk" said abang Rasdi. LOL. Actually, sya tergelincir gara2 terpijak tanah lembut di siring padang. And when I'm in unstable condition, trua terjatuh la... time bergolek2 tu, sempat lagi berfikir "biarla, golek2 dlu.. hahah" funniest part, abang kevin kasi masuk his foot on the (opponents team) boy's trouser, berbunyi ba. Hahahaha. And who knew? Meyrynn was the man of the match. Such an active girl. Dari hujung padang ke hujung padang dia berlari utk kasi kacau tu bola. Hahaa. Excellent! Last2 kami dapat 6 gol whereas the villagers got 12 (or something like that) goals. Hahahaha. Yep. We had a great great great time. And then malam tu, diorang yg di dapur, masak makanan for dinner. Lauk yg drg hidangkan, omaigadddddddddd. Ikan goreng, ikan ampap, ladies finger + belacan, kacang panjang, dan jus anggur. Macam pelahap ba sya makan malam tu. Sebab homesick kan. Haha.. makanan yg selalu kena masak di rumah. Yummy!!! Kami makan sama2 dlm satu meja yang paaaaanjang. Buat yamseng2 lagi segala. Hehee.


  Last day of health camp in Kampung Monggis. We tidy all the things up because everybody's gonna get here. Ceramah kesihatan, derma darah, pemeriksaan kesihatan, and even the villagers will come.Part sya dlm derma darah, sya jadi photographer juga. So I took lots of noobish photography (ndapandai begambar guna manual). And then ada satu ceramah yg diberikan oleh IK persekitaran yg bertajuk "denggi". Yeap, kinda mainstream but not all villagers even us take it serious about dengue fever. Lepas tu banyak juga la penduduk kampung pigi derma darah & buat pemeriksaan kesihatan. In another hand, the other MRC members pigi tanam tu mercu tanda (tayar) with captions :SELAMAT DATANG KE KAMPUNG ANGKAT BSMM CABANG TUARAN. Cantik bah. Yang mo petang sudah tu kan, abang kevin suruh2 sya sma Allan p derma darah and we both brabis tidamau. Ntah mcm mana tu, last2 p sign in borang juga. Hahahaha. Sya ingt terkandas la tengah jalan. Skali pass pass pass last2 p derma darah juga. Odoi dogo tu jarum punya tebal (pestaim begia). Actually I'm not into syringe. Mau cakap fobia, tidak juga. Mau cakap suka, lagi la tidak. Tunggu punya tunggu, lain btul sya rasa time kasi gerak2 tu paip. Odoi bolrh rasa tu darah bergerak kluar masuk ba. Hahaha. And then sekali sya tertinguk tu pin darah sya, start sudah pening2 then tuli2 sdh. Trus tu sister cabut nehh. Ohooooooo. Tengah jalan terkandas. Hahahaha. At least dpt jga pengalaman menderma darah & dapat sijil. That time, Datuk Jahid Jahim sebagai pengerusi BSMM cabang Tuaran turut hadir utk merasmikan penutupan kem kesihatan di kg monggis.Trus ndalama hujan kuat ni. Edei.. At last, Pemberian pakaian derma kepada org2 kampung...
  Lepas smuanya selesai, kami pun gotong royong la kasi bersih tu kawasan balairaya sebelum balik Tuaran. After all done, sya sama beberapa org naik belakang lori lagi pulang p bangunan. But first, kami singgah la dulu  pekan Tenghilan p buang sampah & hantar LC di sana. After we finally arrived in Bangunan, kami cuci2 la segala piring2, kuali semua and put it back in where it supposed to be. Sya stay skijap then pulang rumah la.. dapat juga beras satu kampit - 5kg. Hehe.

Thanks for reading ni cerita hasil perah otak mengingat semula apa yg kami buat sblum ni. Terdelay kan blogging... And right now, I'm waiting for the pictures~.
Bah. Sya mo publish dlu ni post and then p do anything I want today. (Mau kopipes dlu ayat si abang tersayang → ) ADIOS~

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Eighteen cool!

Today is April 7 @ 10:55pm

Last Thursday, a day after April Fool's day (April 2, 2015) was my birthday! I am now officially eighteen. Boleh sudah p sana Cock & Bull. Hahaha. That morning, I went to post office Tuaran tu pay all those bills. Electricity bills, broadbands, Home telephone and et cetera. After that, I just directly went to the Tuaran Bus terminal to meet Ajirul, Fevbrian and Onel. Four of us were waiting for Raycellynn. Around few minutes past 9, we went to Kota Kinabalu by mini bus.

When we arrived in KK, we directly went to Suria Sabah via City Bus. We were in a hurry. Berlarian ala-ala Running Man haha. Actually we went to Golden Screen Cinemas in Suria to buy tickets for 5 of us, to watch Fast and Furious 7. Ngam-ngam kena release time birthday sya kan. Hihii. After bought the tickets, kami pusing pusing la satu Suria tu.. We went to Restaurant for our breakfast + pre-lunch while waiting for our movie yang akan dimainkan pada jam 12:30pm tu.. Selfie punya selfie, makan punya makan, Sekali 12:15 sudah.. Sekali, Raycellynn tengok balik tu ticket, the movies was supposed to played at 12o'clock. Apalagi, berlarian la kami naik tingkat atas balik, pegi GSC tonton Fast Furious 7. Despite we arrived there quite late, more than 15minutes, Yang penting masih awal ba. Haha.

Memang kusyuk la menonton tu wayang. Sampai part2 hujung.. Feeling tu memang la feeling habis, tapi sya no feeling btul time ty. Because I can only get myself into movies and feel it time sya tonton tu movie saturang, preferably on computer la. Kalau nangis2 time tgk movie saturang tu, memang siok la sbb teda yg nampak. Haha.

Lepas tonton movie, barulah jalan2 skijap, pegi Big Apple, then pulang. Memang kami p KK utk tonton tu movie ja, sempena birthday boy yg sedang ber-blogging sekarang ni. Wakakaaka.

Then, pulang la kami jam 4 begitu... After that, I went back home and get ready to go to church for White Thursday mass. After the mass, kami pegi beli kek la. Pulang rumah then celebrate trus even kamiurang empat ja. Hahaha. Makan kenyang kenyang la kan.. tapi harus beringt juga yg next day tu Good Friday~ Berpuasa dan berpantang. Hehe.

By the way, thank you for all these birthday wishes for me, thanks guys! I really appreciate it! Thanks juga geng FOUR (si rimpit@ariel, dungkilon@gwen sama si ragas@kylie) sebab bagi sya present ni!! Ada birthday wishes card lagi. Awwwww. Love you guys ketat ketat. Hahaha. Anyway, May God bless all of you guys. Bah. Sya mo tidur dulu la.. for this entry's last word (sya copycat dari ayat femes abang Amrie @ Abang Hazzzzzzzrul @ abang jerol @ abang kesayangan yg nda disayangi 😂.. "ADIOS~"

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kursus Bantuan Bencana & Operasi Menyelamat

March 24,

Four days ago, which was 20nd of March, til 22nd Of March, I went to Malaysian Red Crescent Sabah Branch Office to attend the BBOM course. An acronym of Bantuan Bencana dan Operasi Menyelamat, the second course for me to participate and gain more knowledges as I'm a V.A.D. BBOM also one of three tickets for me to join RDS (Rapid Deployment Squad), the elite team which is well trained in hard way af / intensive.

  Despite the participants of the first course (PCA, UUKA) reached more than 60 V.A.Ds, the participants of this second course decrease down to 22 or so. Tuaran Chapter sent their 5 members to join and gain knowledge in BBOM course. Which are abg Amrie, Kak Kathrie, kak Christie, kak Sylvia and me. The youngest. Hahaha. *diorang wendy connelia sama joyce sama louissa nda dpt join *

  On the first day, malam tu kami blajar pasal pengenalan kepada bencana. Lpas kna ceramah tu, kami kena suruh buat latihan dalam kumpulan. Memang tough sikit la soalan dia and we have to dry our brains out to give ideas. Kira mcm "buat pelan pusat pemindahan utk 96,911 mangsa Tsunami dan *blablabla* mangsa terkorban" punya banyak tu. Disaster kan.
Kami pun buat pelan pusat pemindahan tu, dan kira2 makanan utk sebulan, jumlah kem, tangki air, semua la. Kira punya kira smpai ratus ribu and even bjuta2 ok. Anggaran bajet yg kami buat RM3,000,000 tp masi kna cakap x cukup. hmm

  Second day pla, kmi kna ceramah dri pelbagai jabatan lain. Mcm Bomba, PDRM, MKN, dan jabatan kebajikan. At least dapat jga ilmu tentang apa peranan diorang & apa peranan BSMM semasa bencana berlaku.  And then petang tu, rehat la. Sampai jam 8. During that long recess time, sya baring2 ja di dorm, kena kasi tinggal abg amrie sama kak Christie. Drg out skijap p beli barang utk Barbeque malam tu. *Forever alone* yg dekat2 jam 6 lebih tu, baru diorang smpai.. sya tanya la abg amrie, drg dari mana.. skali abg amrie bgtau kak christie "Dia rindu sdh abg kesayangan dia" Wakakakakakkakaka. Apa tidak? Saturang sna dlm dorm, teda kawan. Hp sja yg melayan sya time tu ahahhaha.. That night, kami ada kna bagi 2nd Latihan dalam kumpulan. Which are (kumpulan 1) apa peranan dan apa cawangan perlu buat semasa berlaku bencana. (Kumpulan 2) peranan cabang time bencana (kumpulan 3) peranan V.A.D time bencana. Sya dlm kumpulan 3, together with Madam Jenny & Abg Ren. Org kuat dlm group kami. Hahaa. Lpas siap kmi bincang tu, then kami kasi siap lagi kerja kumpulan kami yg kna suruh buat dr hari jumaat lg. Kami lakar pelan la smua, dan kasi lengkap semua list2 bajet semasa bencana. Kami jga ready2 jawapan spy dapat jawab bila soalan kena aju sma kami nnti.

  SIAP SDH! Apa lagi. Di luar tu diorang buat barbeque, ada si abg Rasdi, Tommy, Zuriaty, Allen dan banyak lagiiii. P bakar ayam, sosej, bread. Mmmmmdap *berliur sdh sya skg ni, paspun* lpas kami puas makan tu, ndalama abg amrie pun panggil sy p tdur. Sbb dia mngantuk tahap dewa sdh. Hahaaa. Actually sy pun mengantuk ba tu. Tp siiiiikit la. Sbb masi lagi godo'ot makan2 kan hahaaha. Mau nda mau, p tidur ja la.. kami la tu geng awal tidur. Awal ba. Nda remaja oh. Hahaha

  So the next day sudah, last day la kunun. Pagi tu kami buat presentations hasil perbincangan kami pya latihan dalam kumpulan. Lpastu, kna suruh rehat 5minit utk p tandas then trus2 exam. Punyalah sandi. Hahaha. Lpas sya kasi habis exam tu, kluar klas then direct p tingkat atas p interview Kolej Bersepadu Sains Kesihatan Nasional. Last2 nda jadi jga sya daftar heheee. Bukan apa, mmg sya sdh dapat byk feedback dr parents, abang kakak v.a.d, so last2 reject la. Kluar ja dr temuduga tu, drg makan2 sdh. So sya pun ambi la tapau, baru makan bbrp putung sosej tu, kna suruh masuk dalam bilik mesyuarat balik. Utk agenda penutupan... haish capat btul masa berlalu. Makan pun nda sempat ahhahaha.

  Lpas habis ucapan dan perasmian penutupan kursus oleh Puan Elizabeth, pastu kami keluar bilik then Gambar berkumpulan.... lepas tu pula, kamiurang cabang tuaran ni rushing la balik tuaran. Sya sama abg amrie ikut abg Kevin while Kak Christie ikut kak kathrie. Sampai ja Cabang Tuaran then ikut mesyuarat agung v.a.d22. 3 kali sya kana calon nama utk ada jawatan. Adui na. Ada potensi ka sya ni utk jadi leader? Hahaha. Tapi last2 sya jadi Kuartermaster unit juga la. Sya blm tau apa peranan QM, so pelan2 mnta tunjuk ajar senior spya sya dpt melaksanakan tugas sya dgn sehabis baik. ;)
After that, pulang rumah yg mau dkt jam 6 sdh. Ahhaa


Monday, 9 March 2015

Kem Keahlian BSMM SMKT 2015

March 9, 2015.

Today is the day after SMKT MRC camp. I was so exhausted yet having so much fun. Fun?

On the first day of camp, I went there by 9 in the night, with Albert and abg Amrie. I was quite late but I've no choice. Imma guest anyway 😊. Albert got his speech for the first day of camp for "PCA" or "CPR"... not sure. Allen joined us too! And not to forget Fevbrian. Sya pun gila2 ja di sana pigi tolong kasi habis beras diorang. *sorry hehe* After that, Teacher Elizabeth gave another talk about First aid. Around 10pm (?) I guess, they went to sleep. Kami? Meh, forget about sleep, kami buat projek ghostbusters mcm tahun lalu hahahaha.

Around 2 or 3am, we, as facilitators woke up and get prepared for the solo camp.  Quite spooky and scary for the peserta. Sya, Ariel, Ryan, Fevb dan bbrp org ahli pengakap pegi blakang kantin (dakat kuburan okey) p bertapuk d sana. Dorang Lex sama wilma tu p betapuk sana kuburan, keluar gate. Kami2 ni yg have no more idea where to hide, pigi betapuk sana dalam longkang beeeeeeesar. I kept my distance from them. Skali sya on torchlight, segala siput, ulat gonggok, cacing kiri kanan sya, maigad. Ada lagi sya TER lutut tu siput then RIP tu siput 😂. At last, sya cepat2 la pigi blakang fevb. Hahahahaha. Then, ada la peserta limpas, kami brabis kasi takut2 diorang. Making sounds and all that. After part kami siap, then kami pigi lagi di sana gelanggang bola keranjang pigi tgk2 peserta lain yg tutup mata, kena kasi biar susuk saturang di tengahmalam, more to say at dawn. Habis ja solo camp, ada lagi satu game, named Puzzle.. diorang brabis la cari2 puzzle, kasi gabung tu gambar, then pigi lagi tpt lain. Time tu mmg masuk angin sdh perut sya. Ndatahan sbb tlmpau sejuk. Haha.

Next day, pagi2 diorang pakai lagi baju t-shirt bsmm. Albert pn turun padang jga mengajar bebat dan balutan... yg kami2 faci lain ni, pigi kurik padang, kurik blakang surau. Bikin lumpur. Utk larian komando. Banyak la ba game. Sandi2 jga main lumpur hahaha, ada jga spider web. By the time around 1.30pm i guess, start sdh diorang pya larian komando.. mula2 game free fall, pastu jalan atas bambu, pastu merangkak, pastu merangkak cari belon sambil kna tuang telur, pastu game yg tepung2, then naik spider web, then berjalan atas tempurung kelapa, then pigi lagi "kasi masuk dlm lubang" version of spider web, then game zigzag activity. Last2 berlumpur tahap kerbau. Hahahaha. Siok ba main lumpur.

Next, yg malam tu, malam muhibah... diorang perform laaa. Even facilitators pn ada performance. Biar kili-kili, yg penting happy. Ahahha. Then, diorang kasi adakan event yg sya buat thn lalu jga, dlu kami paggil Malam Cahaya, skg diorang panggil Night Fire @ Malam unggun api la. Siok ba keliling unggun api, then play games, then makan ubi & sosej yg kena bakar di unggun api. Mmdap. Hahaa.. Habis sdh Night fire, peserta pn tidur la ba...

By that time, tba2 Allen panggil kami p berbincang sama2 si Allan jauh2 dari diorang yg lain. Skali kami otw p sana pondok, I saw Azri berlarian dari luar masuk p anjung budi. Then sya automatically tau sdh yg ini birthday plan utk si Allan. Time kami di basketball court sdh, last2 azri datang sambil bawa kek sambil nyanyi lagu happy birthday. What a memorable night. Sya ada tersentuh jgala *sikit* time si Allan cakap the best birthday ever. Dia xsudah celebrate birthday sama family, last time pn sama adik. 😭. Trus kami limpang2 la sana basketball court sambil makan kek. Si Allan nyanyi2 neh lagu fevret dia. Sya mau tertidur ne daa time tu, tp last2 dorang balik p anjung budi, tdur sana. So kami pn balik la ba.

Sya sama Ariel plan tidur di dlm dewan. Kami ndajmpa dorang gwen. So kami tidur la di pentas dewan tu. Pya siok2 sya tdur mati time tu. Ndalama kna suruh bgn utk prepare Simulasi jam 3. Kami buat la ba segala darah, segala kuih bikin luka2... then this year pya simulasi, situasi dia 2 kereta accident (guna kereta Allan & Allen). Lpas tu, direct to malam dera la... kasi sedar begia hihi... after malam D tu, kna kasi malam penghayatan. Smpai nangis2 eiii kana psycho. Sya pn buli2 mata sya bpeluh. Hahaha. Sedih begia tu.

Then tu pagi, last day of camp la katakan. Diorang buat game musical chair. Mmg ni game yg turun temurun la utk last day of every bsmm smkt camp hahaha. Lpas tu, ada la ba ucapan kata2 penutupan kem, then salam restu. Eii sedih noh. Capat sungguh ni kem. Sedih lagi kalau kasi tinggal geng2 4orang kami ni. 😭.  Tiapalah. We gave ourselves a big hug #FOUR

Last day tu rasa mcm femes btul. Banyak peserta mnta biodata faci. Apa nda, kna suruh hahahaha. Trus balik2 sya isi nama, nickname, jawatan, kelas, tandatangan. Ereiii hahaha. Sekian. ;)

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Miracles happen, again :) #SPM

3 March.

This date is truly a hell for SPM 2014 leavers. We get our results . I was pretty nervous for the whole day til 12 noon, in our school.

At 11 or something, I sat down under the hut at the basketball court nearby, with Fevbrian and friends. We were absolutely cannot calm ourselves. Anything can happen when we knew our results. That time, Natasha sent me a link (you can check your SPM results via web) So I have the urge, the anxiousity to know my reults. So I clicked the link, and key in my Indentity card number and the angka giliran, aaaaaaaand I clicked the "Semak keputusan" button. Gosh I was so nervous that time. Wondering what'll happen next, whether I'm passed out or cry a river. Who knews. Then suddenly my results popped out!

At first, I read it as 2A+... I thought I just managed to achieve 2As. Brought me down for a sec. Then I read it twice, trice, I saw 2A+, 2A, 3A-.... kira punya kira, skali 7As!!!!! I can't forget how happy am I this morning. I screamed and shouted out loud and jump happily at the same time. That feelings tho'. Hahahaha. I'm just... happy ;)

So when we're in the school hall, they started to hand over the SPM slip to us. Before that, The teacher will announce best students with 7As and above. Starting with Randdy. Nobody believe he managed to achieve 7As! Bravo!!! My name also announced to go to the front and received my SPM slip handed by my school principle. Overall I got 1.60. What a remarkable moment for me and also foe my friends! Haha.

Well, of course 7As, but the evil D at the end hurts. It was Chemistry. But at least I passed and I tried my best. And Music helps me to achieve an A+ to fulfill my wish- get at least 7As. Hahaa... other than that. I have the opportunity to see and have those precious time to keep in touch with my friends as we haven't met for so long. Dyed hair, long hair, like everything's changed! And I also got the chance to wear my school uniforma, maybe for the last time for my high school momsnts. Hehe. Anyway, congratulations my friends, you've tried your best! And God has a better plan than just this piece of paper. Remember, this is just the beginning of our real life. ;)

2A+, 2A, 3A-, 1B+, 1B, 1C, 1D ♡

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Sorou po ada entri baru dalam ni blog. Haha

The time is 0232, Saturday February 21st.

I just cannot sleep right now. My eyes lied to me all the way from morning till the moment that I just want to sleep. Seriously man, us humans used to be nocturnal *pffft* Oh yeah. I'm on holidays for nearly 2 months now, but seriously? No time for blog? Maybe I'm just too busy with other things, like joined BSMM activities, going to school *mengacau ja*, driving lesson, hangouts, attend relative's wedding ceremony.... Kind of made myself busy.

I also used to be challenged myself to do some workout during holidays, for 28 days. Meh, I fade up on the 6th day. I know I shouldn't to. I wanna see myself with muscles and abs and all that things. Not to impress other's but to impress me, I wanna stay healthy and fit. And being proud of me, and build some confidence deep inside me. But no worry, where there's a will, there's a way. I knew I will struggle to achieve those dreams. :)

Oh yeah! I nearly forgot. Yesterday, (well literally. Or should I say, This morning, Friday 20th) Kami baru 'penerimaan abu' di church. Well, it used to be done in Wednesday, sebagaimana perkataan 'Rabu Abu' atau 'Ash Wednesday'. Tapi Chinese New Year kan, so kena tangguh p hari jumaat. 'Penerimaan abu' adalah tanda bermulanya utk berpantang dan berpuasa serta bertaubat, kembali kepada Allah bapa. Dalam lingkungan 40 hari sebelum Jumaat Agung (Good Friday, mmg cuti umum tu), Sabtu Suci (Easter Vigil) & Hari besar Paska (Easter Day)... So, apa apapun, sempena CNY dan jga musim prapaska ni, sya memohon minta maaf kpada kamurang smua yg mngkin prnah sya kasi sakit hati biarpun siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikit secara sengaja atau tidak sengaja. May God bless all of us ♡ Amen.

Btw, I just have this feelings to write a new entry on this blog since this one anonymously asked people want me to write ANYTHING in my blog asalkan ada post baru. Dia tanya sya dalam Haha.. I guess, I know who she/he is... Kalau nda silap, memang kau la tu kannn! Hihihiiii Antara si Ganak, Devreny, Pinou, cousin2 auntie2 uncle2, Cikgu sya, geng2 sya, kawan2 sya, relatives sya, yg kenal sya... Tida lari la tu jawapan hahaha

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Lesen L, I'm coming!

Since lately I've not been on blogger, not post much entries. And this post is the secknd entries on 2015. I've got to tell you, I'm getting my L liscence soon. I do know that it's just L. Still a learner. But hey, wanna know a fact? I don't even know how to start a car engine. My IQ 'bout driving is zero.

   Few days back then, around 2 weeks ago if I'm not wrong, I attended the first driving class, KPP1, also known as Kelas Pendidikan Pemandu 1.. Just sit in the class and listen, pay attention to what my lecturer said. 6 hours dude! Fortunately in PMJ, they just took time around 3 and an half hours.

   After kpp1 class, I studied for 2 weeks and then attend the computerized exam... Huh I was so freakin nervous that moment, walking down the stairs to go to Rilek. I took my last few hours ask my friends Anita, Orzee and B'a for the tips, and some answers. Haha.. Luckily, after I managed to answer all questions, I got 49 out of 50! PASS! I smile. Happy.

   So, right now, I'm still waiting for my tutor to come to my home to get all my documents for the L driving liscence. I hope I'll get my liscence as soon and as fast as possible so I can continue my KPP2, KPP3, QTI and JPJ test soon. Error 404: Delay not found. ;)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hometown ♡

24th December
Waktu ni lah baru kami dapat pulang kampung. Haishh. Supposed to be on 23rd tp my mum still busy with her work, so 24th baru pulang. So Sampai ja di pekan Tambunan, trus terjumpa angkol Max. Hahaaa. Kami pigi makan2 la sana kdai cina. Still craving for Mee sup ayam sasau. Hahaha. After that barulah kami finally arrived di hometown, my granpa's house. Semart la di ruang tamu ada tiles sdh hahaa.

25th December.
Wawww... Marry Christmas 2014 buddies! After we went to the St Anthony Chapel Patau Tambunan, trus pgi la rumah terbuka pertama di rumah si Anne. Sadly Anne was not there. She's in UNIMAS. :( Kami tida tpigi rumah terbuka baaaanyak like last years, back then. Sampai berbelas2 rumah kami pigi... smpai mau muntah2 sdh hahaha. Totally full. But in 2014, macam 2 rumah ja kami pigi.. Trus kami sama2 pulang p grandparent's house. Ada rumah terbuka juga sana with Nenek Abu.  Ogumu noh satay. Hahaha. Omnomnommmm. After that pigi pekan balik.. sya p beli gifts utk tukar2 hadiah. So pulang2, kena bawa oleh diorang si Olan p rumah terbuka si Girl dulu skijap. Then jalan p katagayan, hometown si Lowong@Kambing@Dzerzin. Hahaaa. Kami pun berceriiita nopo sana sampai kpuasan haha.

26th December.
Time ni... Ada Family gathering, party keluarga di hometown. Pagi tu, ada acara badminton and sukaneka sana balairaya kg Patau.. I can't join prtandingan badminton dat time sbb selesma. Seriously takkan sy mo tongos menongos everytime sy main badminton kannn. Hahaha. Join tu dart sja la. After selesai event, kmi plang la.. So, tu petang kami sedia2 lah pakai baju keluarga. Dat evening, event started. Eseh ada pertandingan duet segala. Hahaa. Yeap we had lots of fun. First time gia sya menari2 dpan2 time RSS (rancangan suka suka). It all because of Anne. Hahaha. Sya skype si Anne. Kami videocall so she can stay updated what happen during that time. Sama2 kunu kami menari eventhough she was in Sarawak. Tiba2 ada angkol max lagi hahaha. But nda lama trus hilang balik.. hmmm. *mcm cookie* hahaha. Kena paksa2 minum time tu, but still, tida2 ni mau hahaha. Kuroyon po. Blum lagi mau. Hahhaa

27th December.
Cousin Jebb sama Lucia kawin... Sadly tida dapat pigi tgl drg kawin sana Holy Cross Toboh Tambunan, then p Maras Karas. Huhuhu... Sya brabis bad mood sbb teda yg ambi sya. I mean, teda pengangkutan sya p sana... teda yg sy dpt ikut. Sedih kanssss... sdhlah sya brabis bangun pagi tu. Skali teteda jga. :( btw, dat evening, Uncle Lalim bawa la p saaana Mahua (di sana tanah kami hahaha. ) p memancing beii. So mula2 sya malu2 mo join memancing tp last2 join jga hahha. Mula2 sya guna umpan cacing tapi pandai kna trick oleh tu ikan2 hahhaa. Fed up sdh sy sama umpan cacing, so started with makanan ikan la umpan sy guna... pun sama jga, brabis kna makan ni... angkat tu joran, teda sdh umpan. Haaha. Tp dont look down on me k haaha. Bangang2 pun dapat jga 4 ekor ikan hahaha. Sorou po.

28th December,
Macam teteda kerja sya time ni. Bosan d kampung hahaha

29th December.
Kna bawa pigi sungai Mahua. At first sy ingat p air terjun mahua. Punyalah happy kami mula2.. hahhaa. Satu tahun sdh x visit air terjun mahua. But last2 kna bawa p sungai Mahua jga. Aliran air dr air terjun jga bah hahhaa. Syok jga. Sejuk ni. Osogit kopio. Dapat jga sya paspun ni sejuknya air di Tambunan hahha. Dorang Olan sama Girl xda join sbb kpuasan sdh gia. Slalu sdh drg p sungai mahua. So drg awal lagi pigi sana katagayan sdh. P tulung2 drg Jebb sma si ganak p kemas2 rumah sbb the next day, tu majlis kahwin sna rumah Jebb. Lpas kmi mandi tu, pulang la. Sy join drg Andy p hantar tu gong2 p sana Katagayan. So last2 terpigi jga visit drg sana p tulung2 siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikit. Hahaha. Ada jga kmi putung bawang kan hahaha. *syok baitu, menangis2 haha* and kami pun bercerita nopo sampai malam... Kepuasan sdh, trus pulang la. Hahaaa. Ehh time ni pla kmi pulang malam tu haha.

30th December.
Majlis kawin si Jebb sana katagayan. But before that, sya join la family p sana bawah rumah (sawah padi tuu)p tulung mongomot. Ada jga ba bantuan sy p mongomot biarpun tida banyak hahhaa. Sya mau daaa tu mongorib tapi tida pandai hahaha, paling2 mongomot sama p angkat2 tu padi yg sdh kna putung. Haha... Talampau champion kan sampai sya buka baju panjang sya trus p angkat padi. Nah kotoh. last2 gatal ni sluruh lengan sya. Luka2 nohh hahaha. Ada scars lg. Trs sy p mandi nopo kasi tnggal drg. Hahhaa. Yeah. Jam 1 tu si ganak p rumah, so sy join dia la p katagayan. Awal 1 jam sya d sana hahaha. Tu tangan sy masi ada luka2 sampai skg. Biarla, memory la ba kan hahaha. Trs jadi tu yg tulung2 bagi cenderamata sama guest tuu. Ntah sy lupa sdh apa kna panggil. Hahaha. Tu malam la. Datang gila *sikit ja* trus join drg menari smpai sakit satu badan hahaha. Lowong dared me to drink. Nasib bukan satu gelas ka... nasib siiiikit ja.hahaha. Sampai hmpir tngahmalam gia kmi di sana tuuu. Mula2 nga sya mau tdr d sana katagayan tp kna suruh pulang. Haish sedih no. Hahaha. *bah lepasan sdh kann*  janji syok menari, bgambar, bcerita. :)

31st December
Pagi2 kena chat drg si lowong suruh sya datang p katagayan balik. So sya pun pigi la. P breakfast kunu hahah. Trus bercerita lagi mcm tida puas2 bercerita tu malam hahhaa. Kmi mula2 planning daa tu p Mahua nga tp cuaca mcm mo hujan nehh. Kasian jga si Lowong eii. Dia bilang dia blm prnh p tgk Air Terjun Mahua. Craving lg mo p sana tu nga tp last2 nda jadi.. So yg tngahari tu, kami pn mo brangkat plang laa.. bye2 drg si dero, fazzon, samud sama si kambing, sama si ganak smua lagi.. Time kami jalan kaki pulang tu nga, skali drg limpas kami (van).. drg si Uncle sama si fazzon sama si lowong mo pulang p ranau nediii. Punya sedih. Titik perpisahan sana di tengah jalan raya (hahaha) sedih la.. That was the last day kami bjumpa drg utk 2014 mahh. Kasian noh si lowong nda jadi tgk air terjun.. pulang ranau sdh drg. Actually kn 31st December is my emotional day. Sya seeeeedih sja ni time. Sbb the next day mo balik Tuaran sdh. Back to boring life. Sdhlah teda kawan, bosan, bgaaaduh sja sma sibling. Hmmm :( itula tu yg sya sedih tu.
Dat night, ada jamuan tukar tahun di kampung sya, grandparent's house. Somula2 tu sya, olan sama girl p katagayan dlu.. p makan2 sana majlis tukar tahun d kampung si Carlye (bgtu kaitu ejaan, haha) lpas tu limpas rumah drg si samud, p rumah angkol max. Dia pun sonsog suruh sy minum *mau jga test tp takut kdptn nnti klu sy plang, bau2 tu beer hahaha* so sy just reject secara baik. Hahahha. Kunun. Minum air mineral jaa. Trus groupfie lagi sama si angkol, trus bcerita sikit, trus balim p grandparent's house. Tukar tahun sana. Oya, btw this is the day where I finally knew who my sister is. Hello sisterrrr! Hahaha. Serious happy brabis bila sya tau sdh sepa. Hahaaa. Before 12a.m, kami pun wish la skijap, before midnight. And then, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!!! main siram2 kami brabis, trus basah habis mcm baru siap mandi hahaha. Lpas tu menari lagi nonstop, karaoke lagi. Panggang2 tu ntah kna siram2 jga kali hahahha. I am fully wet. Hahaha... And then, Richie datang trus siram sya beer ni. Gila. Hahaha. No wonder lain2 bau tu air. Hahha. Beer pla. Ateiiii. Dia bilang "sebab ko x minum kan, so sy siram ja ko beer hahaha" cool! Hahaha. Lpas tu blari2 lavi kmi sampai puncak bukit. That time,olan bilang drg mo balik rumah sdh,and sya pun pulang tuaran sdh the next day, so kmi bersalaman and hug. Xoxo. Sedih nehh。Olan makes me more emotional that time. Dianangis teresakesak nodiii. Trus p hug daddy dia trus menangis... omo... sy pun yg 'bpeluh sdh mata sya' sbb that will be the last day kmi bjumpa bfore sya pulang tuaran and met again in May. Lama baitu... :( So after dat, drg karaoke, sy salin baju ja. Malas sy mandi trus hahaha. Then p tidur...

1st January 2015.
A brand new year! Hello 2015! Yeah, dis time, kami pulang Tuaran nediii. Sedih btul ni time. Me, my mum, lil sister, uncle lalim sama auntie jenny sama2 pulang... drg balik tenghilan while kami balik tuaran.. Sblm kami jalan tu, drg ganak sama lucia dtg hantar barang.. So sya pun salam la sma drg, btw drg pun dat day mo balik sdh. How sad :( so kami pulang kk, trus ikut daddy pulang Tuaran... before that, p pekan tuaran dlu makan sama2 satu kluarga kami. After that, pulang lah kami ke rumah dan a boring life started again. :'/