Thursday, 31 January 2013

Malaysia - Korea language and culture exchange program

Hi guys. its been long time I'm not blogging. Ok. back to the topic. OH yeah. I'm happy to hear this good news! but wait,

Disclaimer: I'm not korean fanatics okay. :) not even kpop. but, I just love Korean as well.

Good news.... *drum rolls* 10 korean students from different Universities in Korea. OMG. Proud of it. I'd never wished for this before. Its a huge change for me to make friends and communicate with foreigners. Oh ya. This afternoon, we (Student Buddies) were meeting at the anjung budi for the schedule and korean buddy for each of us.

Program Handbook
My korean buddy, Yeong Jo Yoon

  My Korean buddy is Yeong Jo Yoon, Samulnori event (Korean traditional music). I also got his phone number and his facebook account so that we could hang out and chat! Hopefully my engl

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. There are 3 activities that will teach by the Korean students, which is Samulnori, cookery and tae-kwondo. I'm the AJK so I can't participate any of the activity that will be held. 

any upcoming event, I will blog and share it with you guys, okay ? (:

Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Me on 2013

Took loads of photos last night. (about 12am)
New idea: Black background, greyscale + cinema effects.
Theme: The Black

Sunday, 13 January 2013

My First Song

    This song is based on my true history, about the old me and I'm gonna change the old me to a better me. I'm in a process to change myself to be a hardworking, nice person and be virile.
    I wrote the lyrics on 26th of December 2012, 10:16PM. I was really pleasured to sing my song, featuring my cousin, Anne Gloria. We sang this song on 28th of December (Kasmir Family's Party & Pemberkatan Perkahwinan grandpa Kasmir and grandma Ariah). I really love this song. Lyrics down there. :) Oh yeah. I'm gonna release this song soon!

Title: TRY
Singer: Alexander Irvin ft. Anne Gloria
Composer: Alexander Irvin and Anne Gloria
Instrumental: Uncle Erickson Kasmir.

I'm sitting here alone,
In the dark, dark night,
And I'm staring at myself,
What have I done.

I never thought that I,

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Make New Friends

Hello friends. let me tell you something. I continued my study on the same school at 4point2 Pure Science Stream Class.. Oh yeah. I'm gonna tell you something. I have this little obsessed to make friends with my new classmates. Yeah. I'd told you there are 5 new students in our class. So, I just want to make new Friends with all of them.
   But what annoys me is that I have this something pretty embarrassing me, that is I'm a shy person, doesn't talk and act much. YES, especially with my new classmates. So I decided to make them as my friends in another way. 
    Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you that I'm not the only one who loved to make new friends, but also one of my friend Kim. . Both of us decided to make plans on how to make friends with them. Advance much, huh?
    PLAN A... errr. I forgot what is it about... But we failed our PLAN A. We're pretty sad and dissapointed with that, but it doesn't mean we're give up.
    PLAN B... Try to interact and communicate with them when school is over. Guess what? PLAN B WAS SUCCESSFUL! but that doesn't mean our plans are over. We're still on our next plans..
    PLAN C. OK. We'll gonna do this next Monday. This plan is secrets because we don't want everyone know this... It's a surprise! OH YEAH. HOPEFULLY this plan will success!
    Actually there's more plans we're planned just now. But I will just keep it secrets. (:


Tiga Tahun Kita Bersama

I miss this moments a lot. My old class. Its been 3 years since form 1 to form 3 we
stay awesome. Do also visit . I created this blog.

Video uploaded by me on 11th January 2013.
Credit to the song: Proud Of You by Fiona Fung.

Friday, 11 January 2013

First Week of School Term

 Its Friday! Friday! gonna get down on FRIDAY!! Oh yeah. I pretty love my new class. Where the Elite students are! hahaha... but other classes are pretty AWESOME too!

   I'm chosen to study in the same school, SCIENCE STREAM yaww! what sciences? PURE SCIENCESyes, Biology, chemistry and physics. 4point2 Science Stream Class 2013. I just created a class blog. Take a look! CLICK HERE 

   I felt very sad because my super mega ultra hyper closest friend was in the 4point8 class. That class was pretty awesome too. They took sport science, economy but no science elective and literature elective. Walawehh! he's my best friend, Mohammad Ajirul.

   In an other hand,