Monday, 10 December 2012

Giveaway Free Domain For All Participant

Just joined another contest. LOL. I like this one. As the title said: Giveaway Free Domain For All Participant. This is what I want *imagine that my domain will be*

Okay2.. Wanna Join this contest? Do click HERE for more information. :)

QUICK! Deadline is on 16th of December at 8A.M

*note to the owner of this contest: I'd followed your blog, subscribed you, added you on google+, followed blog JIWAROSAK and all.. Oh ya. Do approve me to join the group :) thanks.


  1. tq for joining. :D check your link in this entry k. btw the domain is don my.. :D

  2. dari GA yang sama untuk upkan follower.. jom dtg rumah sy plak...:)
    boleh shopping jugak sini