Monday, 26 November 2012

MRCS Tuaran Branch Event

Shalom and hello friends and readers. Yesterday's event (25th of November 2012) was pretty fun and interesting. I was called by the MRCH Tuaran Branch V.A.D to present in SM Likas for duty.
   Well, the night before yesterday, I had a sleepless night until 2:28a.m. How can I wake up if I can't sleep? I must wake up at 4:45 am. And go to the MRCS bungalow before 5:30am. At last, I managed to have a good night sleep.
   After set all the things up, I rushed to the bungalow, fortunately, they had just woke up..


  Esther, Wendy(bibiran), Peyka, Albert etc were going to the Tamparuli for duty while

Friday, 23 November 2012

I'm a Sabahan Blogger Mania

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

   Yesterday, when I was searching for top bloggers, I found this interesting banner and I clicked it, nice banner, huh?


  It's a community for Sabahan bloggers. The place where all Sabahan bloggers to gain ideas, promote their blogs and doing awesome activities such as hiking (climb up the Mount Kinabalu)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hang-Out With Buddies

Happy Wednesday guys, today I have a great times with my friends, Wong Siew Kien and Kimberly Liew. Outing Sporting, huh. :D

   Three of us agreed to go to Tuaran Town at 10a.m. But, I'm went to bath at 10a.m sharp. I brought my shirt and jeans into the bathroom because there's a contractor outside there, some the parts of big tree to prevent the branches broke and hit our house.Well, after the shower and change put on my clothes. I quickly ran to Tuaran Town because I thought I was too late. 

   When I arrived at front of the One Stop Mall, guess what? I was the first person that arrived there. My phone had no credit, so I just bought an Xpax RM5 prepaid coupon. LOL for the additional charge, 50 cent? (main pajak mungkin tu). Then, ...

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Another Wonderful Tuesday

Hey guys. Thanks for reading my post. Lately I'm often designing my blog all day actually. But now, I'm quite satisfied my blog's designs.. And oh yeah. Le Domaine (French Language. It means The Domain). hahaha. I've changed my subdomain into simple domain Quite short to type

Friday, 16 November 2012

Help me translate these words into Kadazandusun Language

Hi, friends. Hmm, I have nothing to post about my routine for today. I've found my exercise book, hehe. It's about translating words from Malay Language into KadazanDusun Language. I have translated some words and the others for you to suggest those words into Kadazan Dusun Language. Hmm, maybe I'll go for letter A first. Here we go..


  • abad - _____
  • abah - ama/apa

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mom's Delicious Recipe - Sambal Belacan with Tamarind

Hi everyone, today I'm not gonna post about what I've did today, but as you can see the title above.. I'm gonna post about recipe inspired by my mom. Okay, here we go..


  1. Belacan
  2. Chillies (optional)
  3. Onion
  4. Garlics
  5. Lime or Vinegar
  6. Tamarinds (with or without seed, depends)
Firstly, take belacan and put it in the mortar
Depends on you how much you want.
Then, put tamarinds in the mortar.
(The same quantities as the belacan)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cleaning Day on Wednesday

  Oh hi, guys. Today is Wednesday (obviously) and cleaning day.. Well, let me tell you..

  • Wake up in the morning and went cycling at front yard (my routine activity)
  • mummy taught me to clean my room. But I do it later.
  • Continue cycling.. and about 10:00AM, I saw "tukang angkat sampah" (sorry I don't know that in english) took our garbage and left the lid on the ground.. 

School Holiday!

  Shalom and Happy Tuesday to you guys. Today I'm gonna post about what had I done during my school holiday. (ermm, yesterday and today off course) Actually school term break is on mid November, but for us (secondary schoolers) SPM started yesterday (5th of November) so school term break for secondary schoolers fall on yesterday.

MONDAY, November 5, 2012

Early in the morning, I'm cycling at the front yard. When all of a sudden, I found out one of my pet cat, Noah was accident last night and broke its left leg (I guess). Too glad it still alive.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

My First Official Website

   Welcome to my official website (actually my blog). I will keep updating my blog as well. So, make sure you follow my blog so that you can read my post on your main page :).