Friday, 11 January 2013

First Week of School Term

 Its Friday! Friday! gonna get down on FRIDAY!! Oh yeah. I pretty love my new class. Where the Elite students are! hahaha... but other classes are pretty AWESOME too!

   I'm chosen to study in the same school, SCIENCE STREAM yaww! what sciences? PURE SCIENCESyes, Biology, chemistry and physics. 4point2 Science Stream Class 2013. I just created a class blog. Take a look! CLICK HERE 

   I felt very sad because my super mega ultra hyper closest friend was in the 4point8 class. That class was pretty awesome too. They took sport science, economy but no science elective and literature elective. Walawehh! he's my best friend, Mohammad Ajirul.

   In an other hand,
my new class is 2-storey block and my class is located at the highest floor. Sometimes I felt not satisfied when the canteen, toilet and many more were very very far away from our class, but for now I'm not having such trouble. 

   About my friend, I'm alone in my class. no best friend ): maybe I'll find someone better soon (HOPEFULLY). There were 5 new friends from other schools. Eva, Maxwell, Lidwina, Charlene and Fauzan. Maybe I can make them as my new friend :). 

   NOW 'BOUT THE NEW SUBJECTS YOU LEARN? biology, chemistry, physics, add mathematic... hmm, Not feeling stress yet. The first chapters are not that hard, but HOPEFULLY I can achieve and picked-up what've they taught to us. 

THAT'S ALL FOR TODAY. maybe I'll edit this posts and add a little bit more details.

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