Thursday, 12 September 2013

SMK Tamparuli won the Petrosains Show Competition 2013 (Sabah)

  I was very happy because my friends, Marlina and Stefenny won the competition held on JKKN yesterday.. They beated the other 8 teams from various school such as SMK Tandek Kota Marudu, SMK Chung Hwa Tenom, SM Saint John Tuaran, La' Salle, even the participants from Sandakan and Ranau! yeap. Those events were edutainment plus I learned many things in science such as Bernoulli Principle, 'Jirim Oh Jirim', Heat, et cetera. I love the way their entertained us with their jokes along with their teaching skills on making experiments..

  Marlina and Stefenny performed it very well. Despite the 15 minutes is too short for them, but their explanation on their experiments were very simple and complete. The judges liked their performance as well as the short movie that I made. The first candidate who uses videos as their slide for explanation. I'm very proud of it. :)

  Meanwhile the other groups also performed very well on their experiments.. I still remember the first group from SMK Chung Hwa Tenom.. It's about.... hmm.... HEAT.. I like the way their perform.. The boy acting to be William Shakespeare and the other boy being Einstein, the scientist. You know, the 'William Shakespeare' guy speaks English very fine, like he's a pure British. "Science ayy" and "Is science a food?" were one of his dialogue, speaks finest English with his British accents. yes. I'm jealous of that. haha

  The other participants, hmmm. oh. the other participants did their experiments very good! The Saintis Comot dan Saintis Bersih performed by the SM ST JOHN TUARAN candidate were cool. I guess the 'saintis comot' guy were from the peninsular Malaysia because he speaks like that. While the 'Saintis Bersih' guy is like Ave Vian's face! Sort of his twin! hehe. Then, another participants from 'I forgot where're they from' performing the 'argh I forgot their title' makes me wanna laugh with all their jokes and funny-action. I guess one of the guy's name is Xeno or Zeno.. Next, the other participants from SMK Tandek Kota Marudu. I remember their name, Lakir Gunsalam and Emelynda Christy (If I am not wrong). They perform the pressure, (If I am not wrong again) yeap. very simple and easy for us to understand. G-double O-D JOB guys! After that, one out of 8 groups (The girls) performed very funny and entertained us together with their experiments. 'daya apung' I guess, but in English.. hahaha.... Next, duo cutie candidates from Ranau or Sandakan, I forgot. They were calm!... There are many more candidates such as a group the acting as a mom and daughter, et cetera.

  After the Science Show finished, and its time for them to know who is the winner for this year and goes to final/semifinal (idk) in KL. I can't believe that Marlina and Stefenny from SMK Tamparuli won this competition! We, from SMK Tamparuli jumped and applause and shout happily for that victory. Teacher Ernest also smile like he's the happiest man in the world (hehe) and thanked me. Well, it's not all because of me, It's all because of their performance and the God's will. The second place goes to the Lakir's group from SMK Tandek Kota Marudu. Congrats bro and sis..  and the third place goes to the 'Jirim oh Jirim' performer, the ' Setana's ' group.. Cangrats to you girls too!

  Oh ya. Did we mention that the students from MRSM were very sporting and supporting us? I love them and we keep supporting them. Although they don't participate this program, they showed their 'kerjasama' on supporting us and take part of every little eventsand shows their support. They also congrats us and enjoy for every events held. again, I love MRSM. <3 hehe. After that, 2 'wartawan' 'temuramah' them for today's news in Berita Harian. okay.. Teacher Ernest was very happy until he treat us to go to KFC to have lunch! yummy!

  Okay guys and gals, dudes and babes, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, that's all what I jot down today.. Have a nice day everyone!