Monday, 21 November 2016

Chemistry urghhhh

I just hate it when I can't ace any subject even a single one killer subject, which is Chemistry. Yeap. I found it hard to understand or is it just me who don't really study? ahaha but.. in the other hand, Chemistry is kinda cool subject, just because of the experiments. Can't deny tho. Today I sit for my Chemistry Semester 1 repeat paper, which turned out I still can't answer it very well. Hmmmmm I should struggle more.

Monday, 14 November 2016


Wew I just can't believe that this year I only managed to post few entries compared to previous years. I'm kind of sad I guess for not jot down my daily fix or interesting moments down here in my blog although I've experienced so much things this year. Anyhow I'm on my YouTube channel, kinda like making transition from being a blogger to a vlogger.

  I still remember back then I used to not like things like vlogging via YouTube channel but rather than just put my thoughts and what I've been through through words, and paragraphs, and images. But I guess there's something missing, I just can't feel the vibe when I read it again.

  Back in End of 2014 I created my account on Vine and discovered so many awesome Viners that gives me chills and laughter just by posting a six-second video, so I though, why not try this thing out? I tried to put up some videos on my Vine and one time this famous Vine Channel (I dont remember the name of the channel but something like MalayVines) revined my vine, then in few moments, BOOM! so many loops and follows and comments and revines and I can feel that instant famous (pffft) but surely not for a long time. Total loops just around 36k but, it's such a milestone for me back then.

  So a year later I made up my mind to start my Youtube channel. Actually I've already set up my account since May 2012 if I'm not mistaken. But during that time I uploaded like copyright music ahahaha and the videos got banned or blocked worldwide. So in 2015, more like nearly the eve of 2016 I just deleted all my unuseful videos and uploaded a video called BEFORE 2015 ENDS: Q&A. Yep I guess you'd prolly already watched it, but if you dont, head on my Youtube channel!

   I found this thing kind of awesome and I think why not if I moved from being a blogger to a vlogger? But right now seems like I'm so not gonna leave my blog since I love to jot everything's down. But why not I'll be a blogger and at the same time, I'm a vlogger? That would've be so great!

   Lately I seldom post anything on my youtube channel because I'm on my struggle to concentrate on my studies for my final exam. And now, I'm in the middle of the month which is also the middle of the examination month, which is Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (Higher Certificate School Examination) or you can say A-level exam. So, wish me all the best and hopefully I can ace my stpm very well!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Annyeonghaseyo Kyung-An High School Korean students!

I should've blog after uploaded a vlog on my YouTube Channel but I get lazy after that. So, lets enjoy this video down below!

Sunday, 10 January 2016


Hello friends, yes today, my second video is finally up on Youtube! Seriously it took me a week to memorize the script, and though, I still can't memorize it and can't even speak it fluently. SAD!

  But seriously, Dusun is my native language, why would I forget and not to learn my own special mother-tongue? Well if our generations nowadays can't speak and even understood Dusun, or Kadazan pretty well, then how about our future? Kinda sad right?

   Yes at first I wrote a script on English, and told my mum for helping me to translate all those words into Dusun. Finally a new translated-into-Dusun script has been saved! Without further ado, do watch my video!