Sunday, 29 December 2013

So long, Tambunan

It was quite sad for me to leave my hometown, Patau Village, Tambunan this morning. It was like the time ran so fast that I have little time to enjoy living there. This Christmas was so different for me, for good things probably. I think I've changed from being an antisocial guy who just sit there and shut my mouth not to communicate to others, but now, I've being socialized, more to be open in community especially with my relatives in my hometown. And I like that. I enjoyed for being socialized, communicating, interacting and fun.
  The first day we went to hometown, on Christmas eve, was the start of my social life. That evening, we went to the Chapel for the Christmas Eve's mass, followed by our family gathering dinner in my grandparent's house. Eventhough it was just a normal dinner, but I can feel the spirit of Christmas Day. Haha.
The next day, the big day, the Christian's day, The Christmas Day, my family and I went to Church on 8 o'clock in the morning for the Christmas mass. After that, we went to the first Christmas open house that is located few metres from the chapel, Uncle Maxwell's house (formerly Elity's home). I was intrigued to the fried noodles that were served. It was so yummy, very delicious 'till I ate the noodles like 3 times.
  The second house was also served the delicious cookies and drinks. The third house, was on Mr Arimput family's house. While my family and I enjoy the meals that served, then a gang of youth of St Anthony Chapel (my uncle, my cousin, my relatives and et cetera.) came and makan-makan the hidangan yang disediakan. Haha (Malay+English lol). After that Uncle Maxwell and Anne forced me to join them, so I stomp stomp I've arrived joined them (actually I love to join them for my first step for being social). Next, the neighbour house (my relative's house, also).. That time, they asked me to drink the reddish wine, heck no. Haha. Seriously no such things for me before SPM. And one thing, I kinda like the 'mi sup' that were served, yummyyy.. The fifth house, we went to Recchel (Girl)'s house. The last house for the youth gang. Haha (angkol bilang dia pening pening sudah sebab dia pigi minum tu wine haha). But that was not the last house for me, Girl, Olan etc. The Sixth house, Aunt Nor (formerly Auntie Upak)'s house.. I love the meals, especially the bubur. And the Seventh house, Ganak (I call her Erina)'s house in Katagayan. The best part on the last house, we're like, it was our house that we can hanging around, laugh out loud, cispak here, cispak there.. Haha.. I experience drinking the canned drink by using cispak style. Hard to explain. Anne and Girl were karaoke-ing. That time, I saw Villary, (Uncle Eto's son) so I speak with him in Mandarin. He said he didn't understand Chinese. LIAR hahaha.. Don't you fool me, you got A for Chinese language and you said you don't understand? Haha. It's okay. (Saya pun kalau becakap sama org lain, sya x biasa cakap cina).. That evening, it's hard for me to leave the last house. Huhu
  Moreover, on December 26, night, Aunt Bilin's family held a dinner for her daughter's birthday, Shirlynn Eve. Happy birthday cute lil' baby! Haha. The event started with prayer, dinner and ends up with RSS (rancangan suka suka).
  December 27,  I joined Anne's gang to see our older cousin, Big brother Jebb, in fiancée with her chosen girl from Maras Karas Village, Lucia. Soooo sweettt hehe. During the makan time, we have fun with our little cute nephew from Peninsular Malaysia, named Joey (picture below, he is sitting on a chair). Yeap. He speaks in KL accent, so we also speak in KL accent with him (ye lah, kitorang pun nak juge blajar cakap KL) haha.. That was the time I know Dero, Samud and his bro. After the majlis ends, I joined Ganak pusing satu Tambunan cari hotel. (Sebenarnya sya suka jalan jalan, so sya pun ikut la p sini situ hehe).
December 28, My aunt's Silver Jubilee of wedding anniversary. Mr Adrian Buvill and Linda Rosa Arimput. At 2o'clock in the evening, we went to chapel for the wedding anniversary mass. After that we went to the the resident's house for the dinner. At first I was quite sad because I've no friend to hangout with, that time. But actually I was too early, they came like 6pm in the evening, so I hangout with them 'till nearly 12am. No cispak for us that time. Haha. I enjoy being socialize with my relatives especially the one that I rarely talked-to. (Bercerita punya bercerita sampai larut malam) I speak mandarin with Uncle Maxwell whereas British English with Anne. Oh yeah, Uncle Maxwell and I also taught Anne some Chinese words. From time to time, one by one of them went home, leaving Uncle Max, Gary and I. (Teda kerja lain, bercerita ja la.. ) Dave joined us and four of us bercerita lagi.. No other things to do. (Nasib sya tidak kena paksa minum. Hahahaha lucky) The time is 11:somethin'somethin'.. My mum and my sister went home, at first I thought they have to bring me home, tapi yg mo tdur sudah, my mum bilang it's okay kalau kau lama-lama di bawah/siba, sbb dekat ja rumah.. Lol I shoud've hangout with Uncle Max, Gary and Dave for longer time.. Last day for 2013 juga kami sini Tambunan. So, by the time I wanted to go home, kami bersalam-salaman mengucap goodbye.. Eseh haha.. [TO UNCLE MAXWELL: I'll keep your words, I'll do my best and thank you very much for your support] tidak dilupakan juga I'll keep your words kepada yang wishes sya,thanks a lot :') .
December 29, which is today, sadly and hard for me to leave my hometown, we went back to KK ikut Uncle Stanley.. That's it :/
This Christmas was the best Christmas Day ever, it's like there's interesting events everyday.. From 24th of December until 28. And during that time, I learned and tried to be socialize, because life is too short for us for being antisocial. :) I will miss you all, my relatives. See you Next year, during Kaamatan... So long~
P/S: sya bercadang yang next year, habis ja SPM, sya terus pulang kampung by myself.. Enjoy di kampung for a month saaaampai tukar tahun. Dapat juga sya join kamu karoling, ikut event gereja, ikut event tukar tahun sama kamu.. I really hope. Amen :) (bulih baitu kan? Haha)

Jebb and Lucia in fiancée