Thursday, 25 July 2013

I'm Back!!

Hi readers, stalkers, 'fans', and everyone who read this right now. I know it's been forever since last 3 months I didn't updated my blog.. ohya. And Teacher Hilda and Teacher Norma, I'm glad you are reading this right now.. :)
  Well, there were hundreds of memories treasured during last three months that I've treasured that I've jot it all down here..
  Okay. Now, I am packing my stuff to go to Malaysian Red Crescent camp tomorrow. This camp is not an ordinary camp, the 'Kem lencana kecekapan' is a camp to achieve three badges... lencana Undang Undang Kemanusiaan Antarabangsa, Lencana Pertolongan Cemas and Lencana pendidikan Kesihatan. Yeap. Can't wait to grab this three out of six badges.. This camp will be held on the school.. All facilitators are form 6..
"Hopefully they don't torture us during this camp like the kem asas"
Ohya. About this cover picture down here. It is for my next single picture cover, entitled 16. Yup. I wrote this lyrics about a week before my birthday (teacher norma and I born in the same date but not the year)
The instrumentals was made by my friend, Jayrin.
That's all for today, I'll keep posting next time.. byebyeeee