Friday, 29 March 2013

Another Wonderful MRC Camp

Hey fellas, hmmmm -_________- today I am very bored, sad and miss all of my juniors. Yes, juniors from various primary schools.

  from 26-28 March, Kimberly, Wong Siew Kien, MRC Tuaran Branch Members and I went to SK TOPOKON for a Malaysian Red Crescent primary school Camp (Kem Perdana BSMM Siri 1, tahun 2013, peringkat Daerah, Sekolah Rendah) as facilitators, V.A.D and MC. oh yeah, I lead group 2, I named that group as 'Wira Penyelamat'.

I lead group 2

  I am very sorry I don't remember all my kids (members of group 2) name.. I only remember Hazif, Musa Khan, Esther and Mashitah.. While Saiful, Ahmad and Afif from the other groups. I miss all of them badly because its like they're my kids, my little brothers and sisters. Everyday they said to me: "selamat pagi bang" and "hai bang" and so on.. I miss them called me ABANG ALEXANDER and CIKGU. Cikgu? hahahha... although I am still in form 4 but I love being called Cikgu, and Abang also, because nobody are calling me Abang, they're just called my name, my REAL name (except my kids).
  The happiest moments with them? well, They seems very fun while they were jungle trekking although I yelled them IN THE JUNGLE. Then, the last station (larian berhalangan) all of them swam across the mud! hahaha.. I LIKE it.
  How about my kids? well, all of them seems very sporting. HIGHLIGHT:
•Hazif Carlven:  sporting guy, loves to talk with me.
•Esther: she is the group leader
•Musa Khan: HAHAHAHA. well, he is my little dude, he is very naughty, loves to say "I need water" with his annoying voice to me. (satu kepala sama si Chrisdee, a guy in group 1).
•Mashitah: She doesn't now the song Gunung Kinabalu and don't know how to dance the sumazau dance, She tried and does it SUCCESSFULLY, great job!

Its pretty sad for me to leave all of them, although we don't achieve any numbers, but they're still the winner for me. (:
Oh yeah, on 27th of March, Its Afif's birthday! Happy blessed 11th birthday to you young man! I lend you my awesome cap! hahaha (:

Monday, 18 March 2013

MRC (BSMM) Membership Camp Memories

hey there. Obviously I don't go to school today.. I felt very tired and sleeeeeeeeepy. oh yeah, I miss all the BSMM camp participants. They're good, kind, but sometimes can be annoying. HAHA. As a facilitator, I must yell, scold and get angry with them, but I felt sorry to them... SORRY MRC PARTICIPANTS, PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY..
   I have so much fun with all of them although I have to be firm. 3 days 2 night are not enough for me to have fun with them.. The camp started on 15th March until 17th March (yesterday). The last day of camp, I cried because I made a mistake, always shout and yell to them. I am wrong. But as a facilitator, we had to be firm so the participants will disciplined themselves.
to view more photos of MRC Membership CAMP, kindly click on this LINK

I hope all members of MRC will stay as members of MRC forever.