Saturday, 8 December 2012

KK, here we come!

Hi friends, today I'm gonna posts 2 entries, and this is the second entry for today. Wanna read the first? click HERE. Okay back to the story..

  • Mum wake me up early in the morning, but I'm still sleepy.
  • After took a shower, and all that stuff.. Ready to go to KK!
  • First destination, One Borneo Hypermall - 1B for short. Unfortunately, we were arrived there around 15 minutes too early. 1B opens at 10am.

Enormous 1B
  We spent about more than an hour at 1 Borneo to buy some clothes for Christmas, but sadly it's quite pricey and  hard to find for clothes that you desired. 
  Spent for long time just managed to buy my spectacle and my mom's sport wear. Such wastes time.

messy hair :( darn!

  • Enough of shopping at 1Borneo, My mother decided us to go to KK Plaza by bus. Yeap. Eventhough  I felt tired, sleepy or something. I agreed to join my mom because I'm concerned about my mom's health. ( love you mom :D )
  • Arrived at KK Plaza in the afternoon. Shopping at My favourite shop (sorry, I'd forgot the shop name.. Wether it's R&B, J&B or something) Bought 2 shirts and a trousers for RM205. Yup. Pretty expensive.
  • After that, we enjoyed our lunch at malay restaurant. No need to explain too much about this, because there's a not-that-interesting situation happened there.

  • Right after enjoying our meals. We went to my mother's favourite shop. You should know it: VUNFA! There are 4 Vunfa shop in a block, I guess. My mom spent an hour in each Vunfa shop. Darn! Fortunately she just shops at a shop. HAHA..
  • When we decided to go back home, the rain falls heavily. Oh no..
  • We're arrived at the KK Wawasan Terminal. Searching for a bus to Tuaran. When we're on the way to Tuaran,.. DUB! the bus had a quite bad damage. Maybe can't start the engine and move on. Well, the bus driver searching for new bus.
  • At last, we managed to go back home, but with a wet cloth..
  • Mom felt like she is gonna have fever because of the rain. So I called dad to buy Panadol, and gave it to mom.. Now, she's feeling better, :)
OK friends, we're done here. Thanks for reading my blog posts.. Make sure you follow me to get the latest updates from me :)
P/S: colourful texts, so that you wouldn't get bored reading my entry. :D

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