Friday, 14 December 2012

My exclusive t-shirt

I am so happy right now when last night, my own t-shirt is completed and ready to wear. The decoration? just simple, plain text on my shirt. The ordinary white shirt costs me RM18 while the printing costs RM12. An ordinary white t-shirt with a plain text costs me a total RM30 for one.

  I'm feeling very satisfied now although there a tiny error with my name.. my name spelled alexanderirvin. But the guy accidentally added an 'I' behind it, and my name turned to alexanderirvini.. Luckily it can be erased by print a white colour on the extra 'I'.

LOL. the mimic

Hmm, I'm trying hard to design my own name logo. It could be better than before. 
Alright guys and gals. That's all for today.. (Actually I should post this yesterday..) :) Happy holiday!

P/S: Ohya, last night the newsman/reporter said that 1997 batch will get their PMR results next Wednesday, at 10A.M.

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