Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Reconciliation Sacrament Day.

  Shalom and happy holiday, readers. Before the reconciliation sacrament start, Imma post my daily fix.. Here we go.. (in note form, okay.. I'm too tired to make a long paragraph)

  • My family and I went to 1Borneo Kota Kinabalu (except my mother because she's working). We went there this morning just to claim my spectacle.. LOL. purple colour. Luckily it's dark purple, and smart! That's why I chose it. Total: RM279 (exclude deposit RM50).
  • After that, walking around the mall but nothing to buy. So, we just went back home.
  • On the way back home, my dad suggest that we should buy Christmas tree.. Gosh. We've never bought Christmas tree before. My dad parked his car in front of two cars (block their cars. teehee) and went to the nearest shop to find a Christmas tree.. At last, he'd managed to buy a Christmas tree with RM29++ and 180cm tall.
  • Arrived at home and started decorate it. Behold! our ever first christmas tree :')

  • On 4.30pm, my mom went back home earlier.. took a shower and get ready to go to church.
  • The mass started at 6:30pm followed by reconciliation sacrament. You don't know what is reconciliation sacrament? OK. In Sabah, we called it 'mengakun' 'pengakuan' or 'bertobat' for common.
  • The mass had finished. We went to the the market (pasar for malay) to buy murtabak, fried chicken and satay.. yummy. After that, we went to the chinese restaurant to enjoy our dinner. I love chinese restaurant.. Serve while hot.
  • Finally we arrived home by walk. 

thanks for reading, friends...