Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Miracles Happened

This morning.. I felt very nervous but yet impatient to view my PMR result.. Teachers will give us the PMR slip on 11 in the morning, but I arrived there 3 hours earlier.. You got it. I was the first student arrived at the school like a boss and be a forever alone guy during the 3 hours before the result.
     Oh ya. a day back then, I texted to 15333 to see my PMR result, but no response. Maybe the service is not activated yet. Such wastes my 30cents..
     Okay. Back to the main story. ☺  Seriously I'm not nervous when I'm about to sign my name and take my result. It's just normal.. Everything turns normal.

*pandang pertama* whoa! banyak A!
*pandang kedua* duhh. 2 B..

     At first I felt very satisfied about my resultand thanked to God... But that feelings became dissapeared when Effy and Marlina got straight As in their PMR result..
"whoa, terharu bro"
I became more and more jealous when more friends got straight As.
"apa boleh buat. What's past is past"

I'm number 36
The straight A BFF- Marlina & Effy

Yvonne, Me, Ajirul
Browell, Elsie and I
One of the most unforgettable memories ♥

~Wishes from my friends :D~

actually plenty more wishes.. hehehe. I'll update it next time


  1. Congrats :)
    No worries, there's spm that waiting for you & it will be more important.
    Goodluck for spm 2014 .

  2. Congrates, read my version on