Saturday, 15 February 2014

5POINT2 Students Celebrated Sweetest Valentine's Day!

OMG! hey everyone, you all know what'll I gonna post today.. You read the title, you have the clue! haha

  Well yesterday (Friday, February 14) is a Valentine's Day. Annually as usual, I didn't celebrate it (Cos I'm single haha, beside, Valentine's Day is not about having *tuuut* or whatsoever, Valentine's Day is to appreciate and loving everyone, everything, your family, your religion (So don't mess it up).. This year Valentine's Day is so different for me. Well, I'm not in a relationship, I'm still single mingle simple dimple *sheesh*..

  Early in the morning, I went to school as usual, and when I arrived at my class, my friends give us her handmade-lovely-stickers to stick on our school uniforms.After that, more and more stickers that were made by my classmates were stick on our school uniforms and made our shirt so blinky.. haha how creative us 5point2ers.. We also did not embarased to show the stickers on our shirt to everybody in our school, especially teachers (to show them some love). Kami berpakat & bersatu hati utk katakan "NO! Cause I love you" klau kna suruh buka tu sticker d baju.. hehe

  Furthermore, I made cute rings for all of the 5point2 girls.. (Sorry dudes, but we're bestfriends, right?) Siap kasi sarung cincin di jari manis setiap gadis lagi tauu. haha.. Seriously I'm too nervous sampai bergegar tangan sya ni.. aha.. I also made some and gave it to Teacher Chong and Teacher Lydia.. Never thought that teachers are sporting too! haha.. Oh yeah, tidak dilupakan to our class monitor, Eva Ednah made sweet changes from the mainstream "Salam Sejahtera Cikgu" into "Happy Valentine's Day, Cikgu" and "We love you, Cikgu".. haaa..

  After the school ended, I have to go to music room for my music class (1 bulan sdh xmasuk kelas.. OMO) haha.. Oh yeah, some of my awesome friends joined the acoustic audition.. They sang awesome songs.. Jonathan James's voice are freaking awesome like "You're the next The Voice winner"... I was intrigued to Olivia's voice when she sang Hurricane song.. haha.. Effy... I knew she got a pretty voice but unfortunately I didn't have time to see her performance on audition because I'm in music class. hmmmm

   By the way guys, I'm appreciate all the gifts that they gave to us and I thanked to them who still kept my handmade-Valentine-ring.. haha.. I love you all. :)

These handmade Valentine stickers (made by my classmates).. Kami lekat di baju kmi & goes everywhere during school time & kami x kisah klau kna tegur suruh buka. Haha.. I made DIY Valentine's ring for all the girls in my class *siap kasi sarung cincin lagi*.. And give it to Teacher Chong and teacher Lydia.. Our class monitor also made sweet changes from "Salam sejahtera, cikgu" into "Happy Valentine's day, cikgu" and "We love you, cikgu".. Haaaaaaa, such a sweet Valentine's Day for 5point2 students  *Spread the love*
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