Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I gave up -_-

For now, I really do hate advertisements.. Like what the heck? My blogs were associated with various advertisements but my earning didn't even increasing. Huh.. I gave up so early? Did you mean, I gave up on it since 2012? The same value? dushhh... *double-pissed-off*

  Huh, just forget about it, anyway, I'm doing it in good way. I'm putting up the ads on a right style; halal style; not break the rules.. Muehehehe.. So this week I'm probably a lil' busy doin' my final touch on my friend's Petrosains video.. Thus, with tomorrow's video recorded by the prefects.

  Oh yeah, I also send 2 of my melody drafts to my friend, Sofian a.k.a. DJ Star Sonata to help me making some instrumentals for my first mini album a.k.a. EP. So, just stay tuned guys. haha

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