Thursday, 30 January 2014



That really is a happy shoutout. Tomorrow is SMK Tamparuli school holiday for celebrating Chinese New Year. *CNY mood ON* But what a sad for me, not coming back to hometown for a nice and calm holiday. That's okay, it's fun actually celebrating Chinese New Year in Tuaran.
   In the other hand, last week, I've joined the school radio DJ interview, and guess what? I'm in. I'll be hosting and take over the microphone for DJ-ing at my school starting after CNY school break. But what makes me 'malas' is the radio show will start on 5:30 in the morning.. Whatt? So I guess I should wake up on 4am, go to shool at 5:00am, DJ-ing on 5:30am, school starts on 6:50am, school ends on afternoon, SPM extra class (Yayasan GPMS) until 3pm in the evening.. And... Nakalapik.. Hahaha *Teasing myself*
   So, this Chinese New Year season, I'll be going to Leiyee's open house this Friday on afternoon.. And still wondering where should I go next.. Kimberly's open house? Christy's open house? Haha.. Well I'll think about that later.
   Okay so, right now I'm blogging in the middle of the night, so, byebye!

P/S: after a year been searching for someone's facebook account for my picture during Kem Perdana Siri 1, 2013.. Finally I managed to find it, thanks to Kim (xpandai bgtau awal2.. Haha)

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