Thursday, 15 May 2014

Finished fighting for SEMESTER 1

Omg.. It's just like I'm in a battlefield. War. Fighting for my Semester 1. (Baru sem 1 sudah bising... SPM hujung tahun nii. Haha) Like seriously we fight for 3 weeks. (SPM satu bulan -_____- ) Semester one for Former 5 is surely took a long time and had such a thick question papers for a single subjects.. All the essay was like I wrote a novel.. 1 essay, 3 full pages. Hahaha
  Additional mathematics, this! I just realized that actually it's not quite hard, just a tricky questions. The LOLest thing is, I can score better in paper 2 rather than in paper 1.. *paper 1 soalan pendek2 pun xdpt jawab. Kalau paper 2, nah ambil ko*
   History, was used to be the hardest subject ever but not when I reached form 4. 3 papers.. Yes, THREE. Paper one is objective, paper 2 is subjectives with long essays and paper three, bring as many book as you want during the exam. Kau rujuk la buku teks, buku rujukan, printed answers banyak mana kamu mau.. Even in SPM.
   Science electives.. Bio, chemistry, physics, like seriously.. Paper 3, tulis eksperimen ciptaan sendiri.. Lol.

  Today, our sem 1 exam finished but not for me, not officially yet. Tomorrow I'll have to fight for Music Subjects. Yes, I took Music subject for SPM. HAHAH

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