Friday, 12 December 2014

Irvin J on Vine!

Hi there. Lately I've been active on Vine since the day I went back home from Orzee's house for a party. It was awesome. Well you know, I'm an officially an ex-student of high school ao I'm on holidays for more than 3 months! Vine is awesome, you can do anything hilarious just in 6 seconds. Do follow my Vine! ! Do follow, like, revine and comment on my posts! Oh yeah, I'm not alone. Orzee and Claudia are also on their first step along with me to keep active on Vine! Do follow them! Orzee Ranie and Celauu Anne. We listed about 37 titles for ideas to make our Vine videos. Hahaha... I know I'm not good in making funny videos but at least I made a relatable posts. :)

Oh yeah, in the other hand, I just received my custom print T-shirt with long sleeve. It was cool. :)

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