Friday, 31 January 2014

CNY Open House :-)

Hello everybody, firstly I wanna say Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends especially my Chinese friends. I have lot of fun today, enjoying my day..
  At 12 o'clock in the afternoon, I went to one of my friend's open house, Leiyee's house. Datang-datang ja, trus adik Leiyee, si Leivye dengan mesranya menjemput saya ke rumahnya. Haha.. I saw her cousins, aunt, her parents, but not Leiyee. Leiyee was going out for a while, so when her dad come, dia menyapa sya dalam bahasa dusun. Esehmenn.. Nasib pe doho karati mimboros dusun.. Haha.. After a while, Leiyee came home. :-)
  After that we waited for a bit, and finally Niki came.. Yeahh.. Ada kawan classmate sya juga haha.. So, kami pun dijemput makan la. The foods that were served were very delicious, Sasau, daging itik, ayam goreng.. And I ate the meals like 3 times. Haha. Seriously tummy-fulled that time.
  Lepas makan tu, tengok TV la kami.. While drinking Hundred plus and cola.. Datang lagi tetamu baru a.k.a. Leiyee's relatives. *Sudah dapat hong bao, dapat lagi dari aunty dia.. Haha* Ok.. We watched TV for about few hours until evening, around 4 o'clock.
  Kami keluarlah kejap.. Take fresh air and watch sunset.. We went to the nearby park.. Time di sana, terserlah terus darah kebudak-budakan sya. Hahaha.. Ya lah, playground kan.. Biasalah, it's been years since the last time, I guess when I was 9, having fun at the playground.. Aishhh... It's really fun time for me this evening..
  "Bapa sya suruh kita balik sudah sebab tu tarian singa mo sampai sudah", said Leiyee.. Kami pun balik la, few moments later, the lion dance from Ling San Pagoda arrived.. They're set up their props and... the lion dance started.. The first lion dance.. Time-time tarian singa tu, yang di hujung sudah kan, time-time dorang melompat, dappppp, the Lion dancers fell from the high pole. I guess I do have Psychic or the law of attraction just happen, because before they fall, I negatively think they'll fall. And it's not just me, but also Niki and others. *masinnya fikiran sya* after that, the next lion dancers bring the action.
  After that, kami stay-stay di luar.. The fun part, we played badminton with Niki, Leiyee, Kenneth... And many more that I forgot their name.. (Leiyee, bgtau sy nma dorang.. Haha.. Klo ada fb, sy bleh add haha) we played badminton till the sun goes down.. Syokkkk... Kali terakhir la sya main badminton dgn kerap time tahun 6, jadi sekarang ni, sya mo kembalikan ke-'pro'-an sya dalam badminton. Haha... Sedih tidak dapat join yang lain main football., because I used to be a badminton player, not a footballer.. Hmmm.. Time-time kami main badminton, boleh la sya main.. Dengan pro siiiikit.. Tapi balik-balik kalah. Hahaa last-last, I fed up.. I gave the racket to 'Lee Chong Wei' (Leiyee, sepa tu nama dia tuu? Haha) main sampai malam... Last-last kami duduk di luar enjoying the night while watching the kids played badminton.. Awkward part, duduk sebelah Kenneth, trus diam berabis. Haha.. (Adeii Leiyee, I'm an antisocial guy. Haha.. Btw, kesian juga ni.. Patut sya layan dia bah haha.. Make new friend) after that, went back in.
   Lepas tu, tunggu mau pulang lagi lah. So I called my dad frequently.. Hahaha... Sit down, watching TV, awkwardly and with that sudden smile on our face waktu babak kissing (cartoon bogiaa).. Sya x sanggup sudah makan-makan because my tummy prohibit it.. Muahaha... Paling-paling tapau seja.. After few moments, Niki's dad called her that he'll be there to fetch Niki within few minutes left.. Sya pun mula sudah risau ni lambat pulang hahaha... So I visualizing (law of attraction) so my dad arrived to fetch me first.. And that law of attraction happened once again. So lucky me. Haha.. So, at my first house, I got 5 hong baos..
  My daddy fetch me.. Firstly I thought I'll be home within minutea, but he brought me to my cousin's hose, at Ping Ping's house which is where I am right now.. So, I just blogging right here now while playing Tenten's Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1...

  So, that's all for now, I am very happy and enjoying myself during this Chinese New Year festive.. Especially at Leiyee's house.. Too many memories treasured for today, January 31st.. Make friends with her relatives. :-)  So, byebye and see ya in  my next entry

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