Wednesday, 3 December 2014


  I am quite happy right now that I managed to survive this torturing exam. I kept on fighting until the very end of exam. The first 2 weeks were quite okay for me, but the third week were just, it's like I've been shot to death by killer subjects. Hey, the last exam was quite okay, (it's ICT).. Music exam was good. :) Well huge thanks to Teacher Clarice for teaching us Music Subjects for just 2 sessions, but I learned almost everything!. (Oh yeah credit to our Teacher Mollon doe.. �� )

  Exams were kinda awesome ( I don't know why but I just am). We still have those tiny time to recap what we've learned before. 'Cause we're procrastinators! ☆★. The very last paper I've sit, ICT, I got an awesome surprises by Teacher Ernest, Orz, and Charles! (I mean, Orzee and Charlene haha) Dude! He gave me a Barcelona Tshirt like, "Dangg how did you know I'm a barca fans? " haha.. seriously!

  So now I'm officially an ex-student of High school. Imma be 18 soon, with no books, no teachers, no classes. I'll miss all these things. It's like, I used to go to school and make frienda, and studiea, and exams.. but now I'm not.. (Gotta look forward for work though.... soon... Maybe next year).. I'll miss my friends :)

  High School Rocks! ♡☆

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