Sunday, 13 January 2013

My First Song

    This song is based on my true history, about the old me and I'm gonna change the old me to a better me. I'm in a process to change myself to be a hardworking, nice person and be virile.
    I wrote the lyrics on 26th of December 2012, 10:16PM. I was really pleasured to sing my song, featuring my cousin, Anne Gloria. We sang this song on 28th of December (Kasmir Family's Party & Pemberkatan Perkahwinan grandpa Kasmir and grandma Ariah). I really love this song. Lyrics down there. :) Oh yeah. I'm gonna release this song soon!

Title: TRY
Singer: Alexander Irvin ft. Anne Gloria
Composer: Alexander Irvin and Anne Gloria
Instrumental: Uncle Erickson Kasmir.

I'm sitting here alone,
In the dark, dark night,
And I'm staring at myself,
What have I done.

I never thought that I,

Did the worst things before,
Well its hard to change right now,
But I'll try my best.

Haters gonna hate, Lovers gonna love,
But the sky is infinity for me to fill in,
I'll try to reach the stars, I'll try my best
And I'm gonna change, to be a better me,
So I'm not gonna change, to be another person,
I'll try my best, to be the best.
Ooh.. Ooh.. Try, I'm try.
Ooh.. Ooh.. Try, I'm try to try and try.

Did you still remember,
What you said to me before,
All the comments and the critics, ooh..
It hurts me bad.


You Know 'bout me before,
You know who I am before..
And I felt regret about it, yeah.
So I'll try my best, to be a better me, yeah!


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  1. mcam siok saja.. cuba bha kunu kw kasi dngar ,kw nyanyi balik.. kasi upload.. leh ka? :D