Thursday, 14 November 2013

Confirmation Day

(NOVEMBER 10, 2013)
Hello readers, sunday-schoolmate,  friends, new bestfriends, awesomefriends and you. :-)  Today is the history  of my life.. It is my confirmation day! I feel extremely happy for my confirmation yet very sad because this is the last day I went to sunday school. Hmmmm.. *sad*
  Like I said just now, sundayschool has ended for me.. I still remember the first time I went to sunday school. I  guess around year 4 or year 5.. Back then I was kind of not-like-going to sunday school.. But now, all I can say is I wish I will turn back time and enjoy sunday school... :(
  I've been study on Sunday school for 6 years. The remaining 4 years (year 1 until year 4) I did not went.. I guess I was too young that moment. But now, I miss to learn about Catholic in sunday school, seriously.
  This year of sunday school. I learned many things especially about the Holy Spirit and Confirmation.. Apart from that, I am getting know and get new friends.. PJ, nicole, Dafnee, Abner, Felice, Henneritta, Noel, Avon, Finenna, Racheal, Marlina, Roland, Agustus, Sidney, Danny, Maria, Vincent, Alvene, Joshua, Tennycia  and maaaaaaaaaaany more.. *fuh*
  I will say I am too dumb not to make new friends and interact with all of them, because I am too anti-social. But luckily these few last week, I am getting out of myself and feeling free to make new friends, such as Dafnee, Nicole, Abner, Avon, Alvene, Roland, Alanis and few more.. *sigh* Thanks to my friends to make me came out of myself.
  8th November, I was nervous that time.. Interview whether I will get confirmation this year or not.. Before I went to interview, I started to have a talk with my new friends, Nicole, Abner and many more. After that, I took Reconciliation Sacrament. After that the interview. Pheww... Luckily the question was not that hard.. And I get 62% in my Confirmation exam. Then, I joined Christy's friends to hangout at Pizza Hut Tuaran. Yummy and tummy-full that time. *haaa* The next day, I joined the 'Rekoleksi' and 'Bengkel' and 'Raptai'.. I remember the questions given by the priest, Father Nick during the 'Bengkel' in church.. The question is ' Why are some people did not go to church after received Confirmation? Give 10 answers' wewww.. Hehe..
  Last but not least, I am finally received confirmation from Archbishop John Wong. I was quite nervous that time, hehe.. I can feel that the Holy Spirit came down to me. :-)  My Confirmation/ Christian name is still, Alexander, adapted from St. Alexander. My Godfather is Uncle Dominic Khamis. I remember the Archbishop said my name 'Alexandra'.. Hopefully it doesnt matter.. *jgn seja guardian angel sy Alexandra :-) *
  Lastly, I just want to say that:
(1) hope our friendship will never ends especially my old and new friends,
(2) November 10 is the history of my life,
(3) hope we will always be active and  take part of church activities,
(4) never forget church,
(5) never forget our friendship,
(6) never forget our lessons during sunday school.
Well, guys and girls, thats all I can jot down here today. Please accept my apology of this long paragraph.. :-)  *Bersatu dalam Kristus*

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