Friday, 15 November 2013

Hello Hometown!

Hey fellas, Irvinizers, Irvinators, Irvinatics and Irvinisms.. *lol* I want to wish all of you guys and gals happy Friday and happy holidays. This morning, my mother and I went back to our hometown which is Patau Village Tambunan. Too bad my sister and my father didn't joined us to go back to our mother's hometown.
  To be honest, I kinda dislike during along our long journey from Tuaran to Tambunan. I have this feelings like long-journey-through-hills-sick. I felt *loya* along our way back to hometown.. I want to vomit, not feeling well, sick *mabuk*.
   About 12:35pm in the afternoon, We finally arrived at Tambunan Town, we went to Aunt Elly's saloon to stop-by. Then we  went to the nearby restaurant (Sin Fook Hing Restaurant) to have our lunch. I was amazed by the menu served there.. They also serve  Tuaran Noodle which is made in Tuaran, my home-area. Tuaran Noodle is one of my favourite meal, for your information.
   After the tummy-full, walking around Tambunan town, we finally went back to my aunty's saloon and I took a nap. Soon, Uncle Erwin arrived along with Aunt Elly and took us went back to my grandparent's house. Thanks to the 'Kampung Tanpa Wayar', I can get connected with friends and disable my Mobile data (saves my quota)..
   That night, I went to Aunt Nor's house to lend a helping hands for their marriage preparation. Majority of them were busy preparing for the bride's and groom's marriage. But me, facing my Note 8" and blogging what happened today. *now* okay... Kinda awkward. :-) I felt awkward until cousin Anne comes in and hanging around with me. Talking...
  Hmmm. *dont know what to blog more* so, till then, my bestfriends, friends, new bestfriends, and my fellow reader. Goodnight :-) *Thanks God It's Friday*

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