Saturday, 23 February 2013

Do The Harlem Shake!

Hi fellow readers. Today I wanna share something interesting to you guys out there.. Well, obviously you had read the title above. Yeah. Harlem Shake, in a process to trending worldwide.. 
    As what you know before, the dance Gangnam Style was at the top chart and the most famous song/dance worldwide and "Gangnam Style" had supplanted Justin Bieber's "Baby" as the most-viewed clip on Youtube that Gangnam Style have reached more than a billion views.. But I guess for the year 2013, Gangnam Style was slightly.... erm.... well you know what I mean.  
    For now, I'm not that clearly know about Harlem Shake. Yesterday I was searching Harlem Shake on Youtube, I don't know which Harlem shake is the original Harlem Shake. What I found was Harlem Shake is in a process to trending worldwide, starting from America and the video below is Harlem Shake on News.. enjoy.

Dont know what is Harlem Shake? Actually its just a random dance. Firstly, harlem shake was danced by only a person, and other people were just like doin' their own work. But on a specific point of a song were played, all of the people randomly danced like a boss.

P/S: gosh I'm addicted to dance this Harlem Shake moves!. hahahhaha

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