Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Last Day We Met

   Today is the saddest day for me. Its hard for me to let them go, yes, all the Korean students left us this afternoon. We cried, but not as hard as last Wednesday. They left us, they left Sabah...
   Today, Bejay, Abo, Awin, Asherra, Mayleena, Tennycia, Mimi, Melinda and I went to the airport. Yes, only 9 of us on went to the airport on behalf of SMK Tamparuli. It seems like we went to the airport a little bit late.. We arrived there around 10 or 11am.. We can't belive that  they still there.. So, we went in and hug all of them (but sadly I didn't hug all of them like last Wednesday). Then, we celebrated Adam & Tennycia's birthday.

happy birthday Tennycia and Adam

Awin finally met Jumi (her best buddy)

Some of them cried, including Kim Ye Rin (Irene)

Goodbye Korean Students :'(
Their flight schedule

    It seems like we met them for just around 20 minutes like that.  I'm not satisfied yet to meet them and hug them and add their ID in KakaoTalk. Kim Ye Rin (Irene) said to Mimi that she wanna gave Mimi a present but she thought that Mimi did'nt come to meet her, so she put the present in her bag. Pity Mimi. Abo met Brown, Tennycia met Mel, Melinda met Rachel and I met Colin. All of them we're awesome and we love all of them, they're our Oppa and Unnie (Brothers and sisters).
    A few moments later, its time for them to scan their luggage and went to the airport. Unfortunately we can't see them went to airport and start to flight. We just sat on a bench, connect to a wifi connection..... and suddenly we met Anuar Zain. BeJay said that he is from Labuan made a singing presentation.
    It's time to go now... But before that we stayed at Mc Donald, Enjoy our lunch..


   It seems like yesterday we first met, I still remember when my buddy went to the stage and introduce himself. After finished introduce himself, Teacher Joan said "and your student buddy is Alexander Irvin". And after that I went to the stage and met him. He looked at my tag and said my name. Then he said "you can call me Colin". After that I started asking him the first question, "where do you study?". He was like "when? when or where?".. (Just like a deaf person) I'm not sure whether he is a little deaf or my voice is too small.. after that we spent so much time together with other buddies..

Goodbye Korean Students, please, don't forget us please :'(

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