Wednesday, 7 November 2012

School Holiday!

  Shalom and Happy Tuesday to you guys. Today I'm gonna post about what had I done during my school holiday. (ermm, yesterday and today off course) Actually school term break is on mid November, but for us (secondary schoolers) SPM started yesterday (5th of November) so school term break for secondary schoolers fall on yesterday.

MONDAY, November 5, 2012

Early in the morning, I'm cycling at the front yard. When all of a sudden, I found out one of my pet cat, Noah was accident last night and broke its left leg (I guess). Too glad it still alive.

My father got back home and thought me to wash his car. I hate it when I was washing his car, the mosquitoes bit my leg and I started to scratch it as it became worse.

Done washing my dad's car, quickly ran into house to take a bath. OH MY! MY LEG IS GETTING WORSE. (lepas itu, letak ubat la) fortunately it getting better.

Online for more than 6 hours since 9:30AM until 4PM. Got sore eyes. No, not because I'm staring in front of my computer for so long, it's just catarrh's problem (masalah resdung). 

So, I just go to sleep at 4pm until early in the morning on the next day.


TUESDAY, November 6th, 2012

Wake up early in the morning and cycling at front yard.
Daddy came back home (pulang dari hantar pelajar pergi sekolah). He bought a watermelon cake. Seriously.
In the afternoon, I went to the post office. (bayar broadband). At first I thought that there's only few people in there. But when I've reached the post office, I was like "I'll have to wait for thousands years for my turn."

While I'm waiting for my turn, I took some picture so that I don't get bored.. Here's some picture

•Oh yeah, after that, I went to the Momo Bubble Tea shop to buy a bubble tea and a cup of Red Bean Ice Blended..
•Got back home and finished all the drinks.

The rest, I'd better not to tell you, sorry. :(

Well, that's all for now, make sure you follow me to catch up all my blog posts. :) See ya'

P/S: thanks Chin and sis Erina for following my blog. Thumbs up!
##Excuse my grammar :) 

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