Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mom's Delicious Recipe - Sambal Belacan with Tamarind

Hi everyone, today I'm not gonna post about what I've did today, but as you can see the title above.. I'm gonna post about recipe inspired by my mom. Okay, here we go..


  1. Belacan
  2. Chillies (optional)
  3. Onion
  4. Garlics
  5. Lime or Vinegar
  6. Tamarinds (with or without seed, depends)
Firstly, take belacan and put it in the mortar
Depends on you how much you want.
Then, put tamarinds in the mortar.
(The same quantities as the belacan)

and the onions
Next, cut the garlic

and put it in the mortar.. By using a pestle,
pound the ingredients above.
Don't forget to add on the seasoning (a.k.a ajinomoto)

and a spoon of vinegar/lime (yup. small amount)
no need to add salt because it is already salty.

Lastly, serve it right away.
You can add some chillies.

And, done. Maybe you see it disgusting, but believe me, taste it first and 'walaaaa'.. hehe. No words to describe how delicious is it.

Well, that's all. Goodbye.

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