Monday, 26 November 2012

MRCS Tuaran Branch Event

Shalom and hello friends and readers. Yesterday's event (25th of November 2012) was pretty fun and interesting. I was called by the MRCH Tuaran Branch V.A.D to present in SM Likas for duty.
   Well, the night before yesterday, I had a sleepless night until 2:28a.m. How can I wake up if I can't sleep? I must wake up at 4:45 am. And go to the MRCS bungalow before 5:30am. At last, I managed to have a good night sleep.
   After set all the things up, I rushed to the bungalow, fortunately, they had just woke up..


  Esther, Wendy(bibiran), Peyka, Albert etc were going to the Tamparuli for duty while
Dzulhaleq, Marlina, Irene, Diyanah, me etc duty in SM Likas.

  I don't wanna say much, just post some photos here for you to see.. (sorry, I didn't have any photos on Tamparuli)

loading bundles of pictures... hehehe
We met our friend, Lidwina 
Marlina & I
Helping them sell foods.
Fried noodles and fried chickens
pokpek pokpek
good job!

Sabah Cheshire Home Bazaar

They decorate wonderful cake.
helping hands- Zuriaty & Munir
Diyanah and Zuriaty
See the happy face :)
barbie doll cake
Waiting for customers
Chinese new year? no. they just performing
the lion dance
enjoy our meals at JINJIN restaurant
At last, we went back home
by ambulance at 3P.M.
we felt very sleepy~

okay-okay.. I think we've done here. My reflection? I felt very happy, off course. Spend much time for MRCS Tuaran Branch activity. :)

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  1. correction: we found our friend- we MET our friend, lidwina