Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hang-Out With Buddies

Happy Wednesday guys, today I have a great times with my friends, Wong Siew Kien and Kimberly Liew. Outing Sporting, huh. :D

   Three of us agreed to go to Tuaran Town at 10a.m. But, I'm went to bath at 10a.m sharp. I brought my shirt and jeans into the bathroom because there's a contractor outside there, some the parts of big tree to prevent the branches broke and hit our house.Well, after the shower and change put on my clothes. I quickly ran to Tuaran Town because I thought I was too late. 

   When I arrived at front of the One Stop Mall, guess what? I was the first person that arrived there. My phone had no credit, so I just bought an Xpax RM5 prepaid coupon. LOL for the additional charge, 50 cent? (main pajak mungkin tu). Then, ...
 I called Kimberly, she said Wong was not there, and then I call Wong, she said she wouldn't go after her sister go at 11. And I was like, "What the heck? So I have to wait here for an hour?". I called Kimberly then, and she said anything that annoys Wong..

   I'd stand and waited there for an hour, MORE than an hour actually. Called Kimberly, Wong, Kimberly, Wong, and so on. At last, They finally arrived. Huh, they were an hour and three quarter (an hour and 45 minutes) late. Well, just forget about it, because they're finally here.

  Our first targeted destination was at the PHD (pizza hut delivery). Ordered delicious meals for lunch. Yummy soups and a pizza. we're also ordered buns and Revive drinks. 

  All these meals costs us MYR30++ (I forgot the cost, the fact is, it costs above RM30.) Sempat lagi mahu bergambar ni. hahaha..

  Oh ya, I almost forgot, we were the first customer to eat there this afternoon. It's like, only three of us in there and no other customer. Stay there for long time  and took some pictures.. here we go~~

  We had a great time in the PHD restaurant. Took many pictures. I'm sorry I'm not gonna upload all of them... 

  Kimberly took out her 1 Malaysia Notebook and insert a Celcom Broadband Modem. Guess what? connecting failed. We had no idea what's going on with her notebook. She said that It's normal when she plug-in her modem into her notebook when she's in her house, but not at the PHD restaurant. I wonder why is this happen?

  On the other hand, I was trying the delicious soup.
It was the yummiest soup I've ever taste.. Actually, I've kinda taste it before.. Instant soup. Don't you know?

   After that, We went to the Red Crescent Society Tuaran Chapter bungalow.. Fortunately theres just Albert and Peyka. *safe*

   Asking Albert about the UUKA certificate (sijil undang-undang kemanusiaan antarabangsa) and PCA courses (kursus pertolongan cemas asas). The problem is, these courses running on December- the month that My family and I celebrate Christmas In my lovely village- Patau Village, Tambunan.

   Next destination, we went to the tower that represents Tuaran Town, The Ling San Pagoda.
It was 9-storey tall tower (ground floor included) and temple for the Buddhist nearby. 
Ling San Pagoda
pay RM1 each of us to enter the pagoda.. Well, nice scenery from up there.
You can see the Tuaran Town and the sea (di hujung sana).

  The pagoda was great! you only have to pay RM1 and enjoy watching the wonderful scenery and feel the wind up there.

  Taking steps to upstairs made us felt tired. After that, we quickly ran downstairs and the first person managed to go downstairs win and got 7A's. hahaha.. Hopefully, :) Well, that's just a game.

  After that, we're went to the fish pond nearby. Did you know that this pond was sponsored by Y.B. Jahid Jahim? He sponsored this at the 20th century. Wong Siew Kien threw 10cent coin and we made a wish together. I wished for 7A's in PMR and managed to enter class 4point2 (science stream).

     Enough at the pagoda, our last destination is at Southern bakery. Bought some buns and drinks in there. Meanwhile, Kimberly took out her notebook (laptop) and tried to plug-in the modem again, but it said DEVICE NOT DETECTED. She tried several times, but give up at last. Searching for WiFi, all WiFi locked except for one- AZTECH. So we're tried to connect. Yeah, succeed. But the signal was too weak until she can't browse the web. At last, she just borrowed my SD card and plug-in into her notebook and save all the pictures that I've captured.

  Ate the buns and drank the juices a lot makes me full and ant to vomit. Hahaha.. Yeah. (tidak tahan sudah kan) So, I took a rest for a few minutes.. I did not realize that it was raining out there. I didn't brought any umbrella..

  It's 4:30P.M. and it's time we went home. Before that, we went to the shop to buy umbrella. So I spend RM10 to buy Wong's umbrella.

   I said goodbye to Wong Siew Kien and Kimberly because they want to go home by bus. (Well, the live in Tamparuli, about 10 kilometres from Tuaran) The rain gain to stop. So I thought I wo went back home by walking. I bought some food, but suddenly the heavy rain started again. So, I called back Wong Siew Kien to make sure wether they're bus had went. But they said not yet. So, I went in the bus and go to home.

   Tuaran Town is just a few metres from my home, I thought it just costs 20cents or 50cents. But the bus driver costs me RM1. Hmm, I thought I loss about 80cents. Well, Just forget about it. I went home with a bit wet on my clothes.

Well, the story stops here. feel free to comment, share and follow :)

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