Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cleaning Day on Wednesday

  Oh hi, guys. Today is Wednesday (obviously) and cleaning day.. Well, let me tell you..

  • Wake up in the morning and went cycling at front yard (my routine activity)
  • mummy taught me to clean my room. But I do it later.
  • Continue cycling.. and about 10:00AM, I saw "tukang angkat sampah" (sorry I don't know that in english) took our garbage and left the lid on the ground.. 


After finish tidy all the things up, I went to the shop and bought two cups of red bean ice blended.. One for my mum, and the other for us both to share (with my sister)
  • Oh yeah. I also bought the eye drop. Mum bought me an eye drop last week, but it's already empty, I've used it regularly. So just now I bought an eye glo-relief (relieves sore, swollen and watery eyes). Sounds very scary, right. haha. 

I might jot down more words on this blog, but I might not. Sorry friends. Make sure you follow me to keep in touch and keep reading all my words on this blog. :) It might be interesting if I tell you what comes out from my head.. So, that's all for today. Bye :D

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